No license needed for applying Roundup

Do you need a license to apply non-RUPs to a customers property?

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Okay the problem in Pa is in the eyes of the enforcer. Each regional office decides what they will enforce and when. The offices in the north part of the state tend to be lax towards individuals and more stringent toward corporate or large operations. In the scheme of things they spend their time answering written complaints and it is only bad luck that you encounter them on a spot inspection

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There seems to be a lot of confusion as to whether or not you can apply Roundup to a part of a customers landscape without obtaining a pesticide applicators license.

These restrictive laws, on a national level, and in some states ( in my case PA), solely apply to RUPs (Restricted Use Pesticides).

I believe the claims that a license is needed are false. There won’t be any legal problems as long as you are using the round up as directed, outlined on the label. Fell free to share proof and any applicable laws stating otherwise.

The EPA’s law on RUPs:

I’m located in Pennsylvania and here’s the official link to the pesticide application laws for PA:
Seth I am in Scranton also. I have Chris number from dep of Ag in Tunkhannock. He will tell you you will need a license to apply anything for hire. If you get caught you will be fined.