No more clicking Kaw starters!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by tryingtomakeit, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. tryingtomakeit

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    Hi. I was tired of Kawasaki starters clicking like they had a bad solenoid, but then when you pull it and test it, it engages and spins every single time.

    So, I made a relay setup that provides full voltage to the solenoid when you crank it, and still utilizes all the safety interlocks. I attached my relay to the oil dipstick bolt on the side of the case on a 460 Kaw on a Deere. It cranks every time now.

    Hope this helps everyone out.

    Kaw relay.JPG
  2. ericg

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    Hello, what spec relay would you ask for when attemping to purchase this relay? On the Walker machines with Kohler engines, they utilize a 12v/50a relay. Will the lower voltage that causes the solenoid not to work in its original wiring configuration be enogh to activate this newly installed relay every time?
  3. tryingtomakeit

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    I used an OEM bosch 20Amp relay from a junk STX 38 JD. The original solenoid engage wire goes through multiple safety switches and connectors that can drop voltage and current if not in great shape.

    It's not necessarily the voltage that causes the click. The starter solenoid draws alot of current, and gets as much as it needs through the relay.

    This fix is only for those who have tested their starter off the tractor, finding it entirely operable, and upon reinstallation, it still clicks occasionally.
  4. tryingtomakeit

    tryingtomakeit LawnSite Member
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    The current required to pull the contacts closed on a relay is very minimal.

    Relays are great. Use your imagination, as they can be useful almost anywhere.
  5. fixer67

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    That is a "Starter booster relay". John Deere and Walker are two that I know of that has been doing that for years. And it will not only help your starter it will extend the life of your key switch. The current draw on some starter mounted solenoids are up to 30 amps and the key switch is not made to handed that much. The relay you are using, which can be bought and any auto parts store under the name "accessories relay" or "lighting relay" pulls only about 300 mills (3/10 of an amp) on average. I have been adding this set up on a lot of machines that the owners though the starter was bad or they kept having key switches going bad. Walker sells a kit that has the relay and relay plug and mounting bracket and fuse holder and fuse plus instructions on how to install it for retrofit on early Walkers that did not have it. Do not have the number right at hand for the kit but the part number for the relay is Walker 6941. The only difference between the Walker relay and the auto parts relay is the Walker relay is sealed so it is water proof. This set up should be used on all machines that have a starter mounted solenoid. A lot of machines come OEM with this set up. By the way nice drawing.
  6. fixer67

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    The relay being used will work off of a 9 volt transistor battery. In most cases it will work if nothing else does.
  7. JHugh

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    The relay kit part number from John Deere is AM107421. It will set you back about $20.00.
  8. fixer67

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  9. ramp

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    This looks to be the answer to one of my many problems that are killing me this summer with my 175. Clicking and a 12 volt battery makes no sense, The next thing I need to sort out is why I get 13.3 volts at the battery terminals while the engine is running yet the battery itself won't charge.

    These are the crankiest mowers I have ever dealt with as nothing is as it should be in theory. It only happens in JDereoy.
  10. GravelyNut

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    I did just about the same thing on the Gravely I posted pictures of. I used the standard relay to operate the starter mounted solenoid. That way the relay is controlled by the safetys and if I need to troubleshoot the engine, I can pull one harness plug and install a second key switch bypassing the seat, directional interlock, and PTO safety.

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