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    Yeah so today i was at Home Depot And the garden center was closted so i asked this guy (Who worked there) If there was any Virgo Fertilizer(because its usually cheaper by like $20) and hes like"Nope, only what you see here then went on about saying there wont be any fertilizer here next year. I asked why.. He said "cost too much to ship!" Im like WOW thats crazy! :confused:

    But later on i started thinking about it again, what happens if Farmers cant afford fertilizer in the future(few years) then we have no crops
    Me and my neighbors all have gardens AND ALL share food!!:clapping:

    PS only use the fertilizer for my home thats why i buy it from home depot...
  2. Richard Martin

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    Don't get excited. Most states allow anybody to apply as much fertilizer as they want whereever they want. No license required.

    That said....

    Just go buy it at Lesco or JD Landscapes.

    I also wouldn't put too much stock in what the peon at The Home Depot told you. It doesn't cost any more to ship fertilizer than it costs to ship anything else.
  3. mdlwn1

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    Actually it does cost more to ship fert than anything else. Fert is a low value/high density product that COSTS more to ship vrs just about anything in the store when relating to profit margin. Not saying that what he heard is right by any means......
  4. RAlmaroad

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    Yea, Home Devo has got to pay those Executives that 200 million dollar retirement package. They can't buy products for a reasonable profit and still pay the package both. So they'll buy the cheap products, jack up the profit margin to say 500%, pay the package and screw the rest.
  5. castle555

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    I was just licensed as a Pesticide Applicator in California
    It's not Home Depot or any other reason, other than thanks to the misguided environmentalists and the global warming crowd. The idiot-savants.
    There is a lot of new tax now on Fertilizer Products because of carbon admissions!!!
    It is something like number 2 on the list of things that put carbons into the atmosphere.
    So they got some bills passed that are starting to affect supplies.
    Note: many companies like Home Depot have cut back on their orders and shipments are down until next spring -due to the economy.
  6. rcreech

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    Fertizer right now is 1/3 of the cost of last year at this time.

    No worries for anyone on the turf or ag side. I paid less this year for 28% then I did in 2005.

    The Home Depot dude is probably just a moron...but I hope he is right about them not carrying fert. I also hope that Walmart and nobody else does so homeowners will depend on us more since very few know what they are doing anyway.

    But I am sure Scott's won't let that happen!
  7. z71tiger

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    "I also wouldn't put too much stock in what the peon at The Home Depot told you. It doesn't cost any more to ship fertilizer than it costs to ship anything else."

    "The Home Depot dude is probably just a moron."

    do you know this guy personally? what makes him a peon or a moron? the fact that he works at home depot? if that's the case then your the peon and the moron for judging someone on where they work.
  8. Richard Martin

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    You're either a manager or a peon. He didn't mention that the guy he talked to was a manager so the safe presumption is he is a peon. Sorry, that's the way of life.

    Peon is a word basically meaning an exploited laborer among other meanings.

    No I'm not, by definition, a peon.

  9. Richard Martin

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    The meaning was that there is no special fee to pay because it may be a hazardous or controlled substance or material. It only makes sense that the heavier an item it is the more it costs to ship, but there will be no new costs associated with shipping it next year that weren't in place this year.

    And let there be absolutely no doubt. They make a ton (literally) of money on fert. The same basic 50 lb of fert that I can get at Lesco (a company that also must pay shipping) costs twice as much money at The Home Depot or Lowes. If Lesco can make enough money on fert to stay in business then The Home Depot is making a killing at twice the price.
  10. EastCoast

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    I personally think all Scott's products are way overpriced, so if HD was to stop carrying them... so let it be.... there is always someone else.

    Actually... I'm not impressed with there products any more.

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