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    From a now "homeowner stance", (old timer here) the finanical view is just great BS to get $$$$. I do my own lawn and have many big comps stops and hand me fliers...Ask them a specific question and they have no clue....And that is getting ready to spray Prograss 1.5EC or Dimension 2EC in 2.5 gallon containers...and the 2EC is dropping in price.

    point is, do not knock the hand that feeds yea...yes many are dumb but watch the other hand too..

    PSS.. HD will keep selling it and I have seen sales (wholesale wise) 6 to 9 months from now..The profits is great.
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    I am very confused from your post!
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    I am saying, easy one is "responsibility/environment " is pure is called a money maker and some will spin that to get it.

    I don't think you can do my lawn cheaper then me unless you can buy it cheaper then I can. Which, I do not think so unless you can buy it cheaper then railroad cars.

    So now customers are morons? I bet you think they are great when they pay ya.....I have had some places (big and small) try to stop over and sell something. Same with lawn sprinkler people..Everyone thinks they can do it better or the last app/install is poor. Now they are the gold standard? I even had one company stop and ask if we can continue for 2010. I laughed and said you never started. And, stated before, while getting ready to spray prograss 1.5 (which they do not use).

    Point is HD will continue to sell it since the profit is a killer. Do some over apply sure and so do LCO too.
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    Where did you see me say my customers are morons (which I do have several, but didn't state that...are you a mind reader)?

    I will not argue with a homeowner about lawn health or lawn health products!

    I don't buy by the railcar...but I do buy by the truckload...and make that 3-4 at a time! :)

    When you are paying $45-60/unit for Scotts (depending on the application) I am paying $11.50-13.00 (depending on the application) and my product performance and quality will smoke yours. (more SCU and liquid weed control).

    And you say LCO's over apply...then they are idiots, because I NEVER apply more then the customer pays for! That is eating into my pocket book...and I really like my pocket book and want to watch it get fatter and fatter every day! :)
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    Opps but when I read this "Most of them just plum don't have a clue and don't know what to apply and then when they do, MORE IS BETTER!!!!"...I kind of read it as morons but you are correct.

    So what are you selling or do when they ask you about something?

    I do not either but I get their prices. It is funny when places jack up prices on market conditions. I know the place I try to get most is already locked in 1 to 2 year before.It was funny when UREA jumped up over $700 and everyone was jacking up prices. I was still paying the real price. I also like being able to just buy what I need and use my money for what I want. PLus I like to see the 4 acre warehouse and all the stuff! :)

    Where did I say I use Scotts? It is not a bad product and the prices are way to high for my likings. I always spray and only use gran if needed. I only use liquid since I get it so cheap. Plus some "trial" products from vendors..:laugh:

    So in your life you never over applied? Or did something incorrectly? Or use the min on the label and no it most likely would not work? That again is what drives me nuts. "Idiots","don't have a clue". Again when did everyone do it wrong and you are right? In gereral many businesses make things out harder then what they are. YMMV
  6. rcreech

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    As stated..I am not going to argue with a homeowner (I MEAN YOU...not my customers)!
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    If anybody believes Home Depot will not sell fertilizer in the comming year you really need a reality check. Shipping fert like other products is priced by weight. It's obvious that a bag of fert cost more to ship because of it's face value than say a 50# bag of diamonds. Some items you just don't make as much money on. I doubt that they will quit selling fert based on shipping alone. Everything the big box store sells is all based on margin anyway. At the end of the day it's not how much you sold. It's profit margin. they could blow fertilizer out of there for $5.00 a bag and still make money on all the other stuff they sell. The bag of fert is connected to the spreader you might buy, the gloves you need, and whatever else you may be compelled to buy. The next time any of you head to a big box store just look and see how many people in line have one item. Believe me HD knows how people buy their products.

    It would be great if the supply of fertilizer for homeowners dried up. More business for the rest of us. If you are a contractor and you buy fertilizer retail you might try a different vendor. Your not getting a good price at the retail level.
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    I totally agree. Plus.....with my last experience at Home Depot, I'll NEVER shop there again. HD is a scam IMO. Their ads are misleading, and their availability of products truly sucks as well.

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    How many times have we been to Home Depot and actually found an employee to inuquire about a question???????? It is odd that you found one that could answer a question using English--or Ghetto. Don't take this wrong, but here we go again with a barely 8.00 an hour employee rolling uneducated informaton off of his lips.
    How many times have you been to K-Mart-Wal-Mart,Sears, or any other retail giant store looking for something you saw before and was moved. You try and finally get a sales person to assist you. The employee replies that the store doesn't have anymore. They even go to a computer and look up the item for your suspicion. It is ironic that while you are finishing up your shopping, the product(s) you initially came for are somewhere else in the store...............Whammmo!
    I do not take the answer from a computer at all!! Idiots are programming them and idiots are maintaining loss prevention. Idiots are running the stores and assisting customers.!!! If you want to find something look for it yourself.!!!!!
    The last time I inquired on Vigiro products, they were on the slow to out anyway!!

    The last time I was in our Depot store was last summer..............about to purchase 6 pallets of paverstones. It took 45 minutes to locate a certified forklift driver and two other people to block for him. Before this, he had to go on break after working for 2 hours..............!!
    This is the usual time that I go for the jugular and find a M.O.D. IF one isn't available, then I rest my case.!!!!! Can't manage what you don't have!!
    The managers will tell you what is going on for the store. The employees aren't a trustworthy source unless they do the ordering for the corporate offices.
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    i wish they would ban homeowners doing any kind of chemical applications.
    we had a location get wrote up by the state for doing fertilize applications where the fertilizer had weed-preventer in it , and the home owner purchased the product and ask the guys to apply it " i feel it was a setup " (noteing they are allowed to fert regular granular's.and they also applied by the lable)
    * We recorded a home owner sitting on their back portch with a 1 gallon tank that was leaking he was trying to melt teh tip because it "was leaking" and he sprayed a 5' spot 15 time trying to get it to stop then he catches the tip on fire and so he pours out the chemical on the ground and runs ........flash its a fuel yes a fuel .

    not even a DUMB LCO would do this .i feel homeowners should have to be the ones certified !!!!!!
    and the best one i seen personally LAst year a lady ask us to remove a yuka plant and we scheduled to do it the next visit , as we mow she comes out breaks off the plant and pours an entire quart ( small bottles at wal-mart) on the root ball and says " you dont need to worry about it now .....i was like WTF i read the bottle it was not designed for the task and over the next month her whole front area dies 30' area and
    then ask us why lol "Laughing " i tell her it was the tuf killer she used she replyed well it killed it and it dint cost half as much as your estimate . THis year , it CAME BACK HAHAHAHA i cant help it sorry hehe

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