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  1. rcreech

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    Totally agree.

    And I don't think it is becasue the homeowner is is just is because they don't have a clue of what they are doing or know how to use the products!

    I have said for several years on here that no fert or herbs should be sold at the retail level!

    I don't think it us (LCO's) trying to make what we do sound complicated...but atleast we are licensed and knowlegable about what we are using and understand and know how to use our products.

    If you asked most homeowners how much they applied they would say they used x amount of bags. But they probably don't even know their lot how do they know if they applied it correctly???

    I have seen this many times when taking over the DIY lawn. :laugh:

  2. XLS

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    i love trying to convence a homeowner i only need 3 bags of fert to make their lawn size work out right and they reply i use 6 bags and sometimes it looks brown for a moth even then. i had 1 guy last year call and say he put out 2 50 lbs bags on his 9k lawn of 15-15-15 because it only had 1.5 lbs of nitrogen per bag . this was a good laugh and i bet you know the result of his application
  3. Mscotrid

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    Anytime we can raise the bar and professionalism and weed out the slackers and pretenders I think that is a positive for the industry.
  4. rcreech

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    Hear ya there!

    I myself have a friend in the business and he has applied for several years and he knows very little about lawn care!

    It frustrates me...but atleast he is legal!
  5. grassman177

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    i see all kinds of stupid homeowners, applying pesticides in shorts and no shoes, nothing says idiot more than not reading instructions first!!!!!! i think you should be certified to handle all pesticides, no homeowners allowed for safety reasons at least
  6. greendoctor

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    Make anyone that wants to spray their own property become certified as a private applicator. Then the DOA can investigate their handling, application and storage of materials. I see some bad stuff here. My favorite is homeowners spraying their shrubs and trees with what is obviously some kind of organophosphate. Shorts, no shirt, shoes? what are those, through a hose end sprayer dripping stuff all over. thatshitlkillya. We recently went through two weeks of 30 MPH winds here, I bagged all spray jobs. But what did I see, a homeowner applying something to his lawn by waving a wand over it. If the wind is so strong that it is going to blow me to the next island, I am not spraying. It is too bad there is not a DOA inspector driving around when you need one.
  7. grassman177

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    i completely agree greendoctor. why is it not regluated for them as much as us? the only reason is $$$$$$$. the companies can make more by selling it in chain stores and the gov is getting the taxes from that. very sad
  8. Chilehead

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    Right on, right on!! Let the populous depend on us. Money! Money! Money!payuppayuppayup
  9. XLS

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    the only thing we spray is grass/weedkiller in non turf applications and this just got easier to do in tn for company's have no major testing now involed at all ( just wonder how many new guys will kill this good thing)
  10. bx24

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    But on the flip side I just saw a large LCO up here spraying and applying gran in shorts and a tank top 2 weeks ago. Plus to add they did the complete yard and they have 3 dogs...So I agree, "nothing says idiot more than not reading instructions first!!!!!"

    I see clowns on both sides llicensed or not. Then again everone thinks they are right. LMAO..

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