No more fords!

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by supercuts, Nov 16, 2010.

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    I am a chevy guy now for the past few years due to having issues but I am looking ( haven't jumped yet) for a new 550 truck...that said it will be ford or dodge. Really both trucks look good at this point. Gelling fuel - could it be the fuel? and not so much the truck?

    I would like your website though - always like looking at pictures
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    Your not going to see his website. 1 post on the day he joined and he hasn't logged on sense.

    But the new f550 are nice. we have been back and forwards between the two and it really comes down to dealer support. There both priced about the same.
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    True with pricing. I have a ford/dodge dealer here although they can only do fords but no dodge 450-550 trucks but they can service them...dont understand that one.
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    My trucks don't have gelling problems. The tank problems are exclusive to f350-550 trucks with the large steel tank behind the rear axle. Ask around. I'm guessing you have pickups with plastic tanks. The older trucks up to 2002 were the good ones. The 03' 6.0l were the beginning of the end.
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    Update on my situation since this thread is four years old and was brought back to life. I have since traded in my 08 f350 powerstroke for a ram cummins 3500. I liked it so much I just bought another 2500 cummins. No issues at all. One is 18 months old the other is 10 months. I still have my 2000 f350 and 2000 f550 both with 7.3l. I gave a buyer for them and was looking at a chevy 3500 rack dump. Around here most municipalities have switch from fords to dodge and chevy. I'm not surprised. Most do jump from a sinking ship!

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    nice looking dodges^

    first truck was a 2000 tundra- great truck, no issues besides cracked manifold and I lived with it.

    Have had a 2002 7.3 f250 since 2007, has 230k on it now, and has require some things here and there but still running great and tows everyday.

    have owned many hemi Rams... had an 03 for a few years, loved it, no problems at all, sold to buy a house. Bought my house, picked up a 2007 ram hemi, loved it, my dad loved it more so sold it to him. he just hit 100k and only oil changes and two wheel bearing in the 60k we have owned it.

    Worst truck purchase I have ever made was my 2005 Harley f250 w/6.0 diesel

    headgaskets went under warranty, PO put in studs, I had to do 5 of the 8 injectors, egr cooler done once then failed, then I deleted it, oil cooler had to be done, torque convertor failed at 110k and I also had severe 3-5 shift flare which would come and go, sold the truck not shifting right and was glad to be rid of it. 4x4 would not engage half the time leading to me getting stuck twice on the beach until the vacuum hubs would lock, harley caps wouldn't allow access to manually lock them... It also leaked oil, leaked trans fluid(though probably due to poor repair) and it also leaked diesel which needed to be fixed a few times. This truck hardly ever did any real work, and I never trusted it to either. Biggest POS I have ever owned, couldn't find the right cummins at the the time after I sold my 2007 ram to my dad, and settled on the ford, oh well live and learn.

    Back in a 2012 ram hemi now and love it. Have 2 other ram work trucks which have been great and just sold another ram 1500 at 160k with no major repairs. I'm glad so many people continue to pay a premium price for fords, dodges are cheaper new for a comparable gas truck and also used. Works great for me.
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    gotta love these historical
    Picked up this 2011 F150/w 6g miles jan. 2013, so it's seen 1 lawn season. So far so good.
    It replaced a 99 F150 that saw 13 seasons and treated me well.
    The V6 in the new one is smooth and quiet-pulls the lawn trailer with 3 WB's well.

    fine pix 001.jpg

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