No more gates lawns!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassyfras, Oct 25, 2013.

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    Herler I am not going to break down the numbers for you I see little point in trying to reach someone with a closed mind on this issue. But lets speculate that you were right at the end of the day the money was the same. And I do not subscribe to this at all but for the sake of this point I will let you have your stat. So the end of the day the money is the same but I rode all day in a plush suspension seat on a lazer x and drove there in a ultra comfortable crew cab ram 4500 slt. And the other guy chased behind a 21 inch mower all day was standing 10 times longer than I and showed up in his mini pick up but made the same amount. I would still pick my rout its more comfortable and gives a higher sense of pride and job satisfaction at the end of the day.
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    Maybe on the smallest of scales herler's idea would make sense. A guy with 15 properties with the biggest one being .5 acre and no plans to grow.
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    I've thought about dropping my gated yards, but I hate to turn down properties. I charge $10 more to cut back yards with push mower. Is it worth my time? probably is
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    I need to do a better job when I do estimates. As of about 2 months ago, I started measuring gate widths. I now carry a tape measure. 36" gates can pass for a T3000 account. But less than 48 inches means I charge a whole lot more for mowing & aerations. 48 inches means the 2 hinges stick out, so it becomes a 46 inch opening. Then we use tools to spin the hinges to create a 48" opening, but this also takes time to put hinges & gate back together. I have never liked fences or gates all my life. I spose that's why I was raised on a farm, and now live on an acreage (with no gates, fences, etc).

    What's than oriental art called?? fung scway or something?? I bet there's something there regarding being "closed in", etc. bump
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    I up charge for gated yards, especially those on the shoreline. Dont think I have one priced under 50 dollars. I'll take that all day long.
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    Fung shway (feng shui) >> Worst thing = clutter or feeling closed in. This explains why I hate fences, gates, etc. Some homeowners have properties that resemble their own personal prison. They keep their pets caged. They keep their kids caged. We have an invisible dog fence that was buried at least 6 inches deep. This allows us to aerate with no problem. It cost a little more, and they used heavier gauge wire, but it was well worth it. 72" mower = no prob.
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    you guys crack me up.
    I don't see myself changing out the fleet for 21" push mowers anytime soon, though it would be kinda fun to see just how many I could fit in the
    I do remember back in the day-we had a guy who ran around with a little dump truck, always bagged everything with a bunch of lawn boys-grass piled high and the lawn boys sitting up top.
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    Unless someone is so busy that he just can't keep up with demand I just don't see sluffing customers who have fenced property. I used to keep a 32" Exmark just for gated back yards and I never had a gate it wouldn't get through, although a few were preeeetty close.

    This could be the only thread where I disagree with herler. I don't think it will ever be less expensive to operate a 21". Sure they cost less, but in this business, especially the first few months of mowing season, time is by far the most precious resource.
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    I would have to lay off 3 crews, close the shop, sell two rigs and a ton of equipment. I would be able to be solo again and have 5.5 days a week off. Yea, we have that many gates in this area. Further we have many 6 foot lot line spacings so wide gates aren't an option. Nor would I ever pay to upgrade a customers gate. My 36s are paid for and continue to bring in the bacon.
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