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No more Mr. Nice Guy!


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Wichita, KS
Well, it finally happened. When I give my proposals, I don't make anyone sign a contract or pay a deposit. I figure I am a pretty good judge of character. Most of my jobs are sod jobs or landscaping jobs. Anyway, I drove by a customers home that had agreed to have my services done. Well, she had already had it done. Probably did it themselves by the way it looked! She didn't bother to tell me she was canceling the job or anything.

I guess from know on, I need to have a deposit and a contract. I thought people were better than that. Boy was a proven wrong.


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Ever see "Jerry McQuier"(sp?).The "My word is strong as an oak" quote was a classic.Of course,his "word" didn't mean crap in the end.
Anyway,you learned,the hard way.Get those contract designs in the works.
1.Proposal/Estimate sheets
2.Work/Change order sheets