No More Pitas

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnkingforever, May 1, 2008.

  1. lawnkingforever

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    New account this year, I cut this yard twice and everything looked good. She told me to cut shorter next time, I told her it was a bad idea, it would leave alot of clippings. I cut it today and there was clippings everywhere, so I double cut it. Did not look that bad. She calls me and complains, I apoligized and told her, you should not have had me cut it that short. She prepaid me a month, I told her if she was not happy, then I would not charge her for this cut and return her money and she could find someone else. In the past, I would of run back down that night and cut it again. I will not be held hostage by these pitas anymore. She called back later to try to work it out, I politely told her it was for the best if she found someone else.
  2. btnj47

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    smart move let her be a pain in someone elses tush
  3. david shumaker

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    If I got rid of my Pitas, I wouldn"t have any accounts.
  4. billslawn89

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    sounds like the thread i started about zoysia grass today...same thing, he wanted the grass cut shorter.... here we go...PITA
  5. Scagguy

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    If I were you, I'd be looking for some new clients. Life is too short to deal with pitas. Dealt with the pitas for a couple of years. Fired some last yaer and fired the rest this year. When I talk to a prospective client, I really listen to them and find out all I can about them. If I get bad vibes, I don't offer our services.
  6. Ramairfreak98ss

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    lol, she paid a deposit i would keep it. aholes.

    I have a guy, somewhat friend of my fathers, hes cool, big development house on 2 acre property, watered 2x daily, heavily fertilized, grows like a MOFO would be an understatement. His wife wants to see "NO" clippings anywhere.

    He has the nicest lawn by far in this huge development. His wife comes out complaining to me and my brother last year about how bad her lawn looks compared to the neighbors "dust field" across the street that was nothing bu ta few weeds, dirt patches everywhere and more yellow/brown than green at all.

    I gut this lawn with the mower deck "UP" most times and it still chops off 3+ inches. Even her hubby calls up saying to cut it high b/c he dont wanna listen to her etc. I only charge this guy $70 a cut weekly, thats $35 an acre for that mess. She wanted it bagged, we'd take 8 yards of grass out of there and i told her it would be $300+ to do that and take 5x longer for us to do.

    Kicker of it is, since i started cutting it last august, we charge $10 more than their old company that "used to leave lots of clumps".... i think i was basically the sucker for taking it. Even my new 32hp briggs on the 72" freking boggs bad in areas, ill post pictures later, youll think its hilarious. It was a foot tall in some areas.
  7. topsites

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    Green is green.
  8. billslawn89

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    wow..ramairfreak98ss.. thats a nightmare job there! i guess mine ain't so bad now.LOL!
  9. bill8379

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    I got rid of some of my pitas last summer, got rid of my snow clearing pitas this winter and the rest of my lawn pitas this spring. I got enough work I can be a little more exclusive. It's amazing how bothered I would be when I get complaints about work or price and how I feel when I get compliments for the same work and price. Even worse, some of my pitas were my lower priced customers. I didn't even put out flyers this spring and my phone is off the hook.

    No more pitas for me either (unless I'm short on work)
  10. LawnBrother

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    from SW Ohio
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    Whether it's the customer or the lawn itself, I agree, no more. Although at first you should take what you can get, the more accounts you get you'll have a little buffer and you can be more selective and gradually replace the bad ones. One thing is for sure, it sure feels great to get rid of one!!
    By the same token the good ones should be well taken care of.

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