No more segmented / serrated knuckles

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting, Jun 17, 2014.

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    It seems almost every day I see a new fixture or line of fixtures that make use of segmented / notched / serrated knuckle assemblies. Why? I have no idea... my best guess is that these products are being developed without any input from the pro installers who have to deal with them in the field.

    Bottom line is that these knuckles absolutely stink when it comes time to aim and focus your system. Most of them have rather coarse notches that only allow for about a 10 Degree aim adjustment between the notches. If you need a finer degree of adjustment (and we ALWAYS do) then you are forced to push the fixture over from the ground stake to get the aim angle you need.

    I would like to see an end to these notched knuckles. There are a few manufacturers who get it: Auroralight, BK, Lumiere, Vision3, HK, Hevilite, CAST (although they have their own issues) to name a few, but most of the mid-line and value line manufacturers use them.

    Lets take a stand against mediocre products... next time you are speaking with your fav manu... mention that you would like infinitely variable knuckles on all of your bullets, floods, etc.
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    I agree James. That is a good point. At VOLT we listened and all our new fixtures have smooth knuckles for infinite micro adjustment.

    However there is a secondary reason we did it as well -- it's more water tight. Serrated knuckles never line up perfectly and water leaks through. Since we have a silicon plug where the wires enter the fixture (to prevent ground moisture from evaporating up into the fixture, to prevent insects and ants from climbing into the fixture and to safe guard the wire from chafing by insuring it is always centered). Accordingly it is harder for water leaking through a serrated knuckle to drain back down to the ground. In short by making our new fixtures water tight and insect proof, we needed to also improve the water tightness of the knuckle. But the primary reason is for a stronger knuckle with better micro adjustment and better overall fit and finish.

    This design is all our newer fixtures (like the Infiniti LED up lights) and on all new future fixtures.

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