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No more starting my Grasshopper with a screwdriver

Turf Dawg

LawnSite Gold Member
For about a week now I have been starting my Grasshopper 223 with a screwdriver by jumping across the solenoid. I had to have the key on and the brake off. Yes I knew I had a safety switch bad somewhere or so I thought. Well after trying to jump all these one by one I finally broke out the ole test light. Well after about 2 beers [ about 20 minutes] I found the problem. It was a cut wire. This problem was caused by 3 ingredients ..... my big butt, engineering flaw and the seat latch. The wiring harness goes through the xmember that the seat latch goes into and after about 26 months some wires got cut. If you own a 200 series grasshopper you may want to check yours out.
depening on the year the painting process was flawed causing a bad ground and i lot of people had problem with ectical parts................