No ones a Lowballer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by smallstripesnc, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. smallstripesnc

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    It seems that everyone on here mentions the term "lowballer" and define a lowballer as someone with a cheaper price. But really no one is a low baller. There is no "market average" for lawn care and everyone's operating expenses are different. Not everyone is driving a gas sucking V8 truck, a huge trailer, and a 60 inch zero turn with a 35HP engine, etc...

    If the expenses are lower then you can charge lower prices and still make plenty of profit. So when you say someone is a lowballer because they only charge $30 for the same lawn you would charge $45 how are they a lowballer?

    If they are reliable, do a good job, have a lower operating cost which enables them to charge less and still make profit what makes them a lowballer?

    Sure some people want to make more than others but still no one is a lowballer since too many things go into the price that someone charges.
  2. mikeypizano

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    Ever think maybe the other people have a reason to be out there? Everyone complains when they see a guy with a mower in his truck. What is the guy bought the stuff used for his own yard? What if hes doing a relatives yard like his parents? What if hes doing community service for the elderly? What if he just lost his job and needs to provide for his family so they don't end up on the streets? Too bad if he steals a yard off you. I see it this way, if the client isn't happy with you or they don't care about you, and they replace you.... You didn't need their business to begin with.
  3. z71tiger

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    For some reason I started think this same thing the other day. I'm sure some people would think I'm a lowballer but, I have no overhead and I'm solo. Our profit margins could be the same and I'm charging less. Not my fault your in debt or greedy.
  4. Will P.C.

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    Just b/c you have 'almost no overhead' doesn't mean you should discount your services.
  5. Nate'sLawnCare

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    Some out there with less "overhead" than us guys trying to do it the right way sometimes means no insurance, licenses, and other shortcuts. It will catch up with them at some point.
  6. JB1

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    Bump, this gonna be a good one.
  7. fastlane

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    Did someone give you your equipment? Gas? How is it possible to have no overhead? Define what you mean when you say greedy.
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  8. smallstripesnc

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    If you can cut 10 lawns a day at $25. $10 of that is expenses so thats $2000 a month for expenses and $12000 in a 6 month season and the $15 profit is $3000 a month. Solo $12000 covers taxes, insurance, fuel, mower and truck maintenance etc...and $18000 profit is plenty to alot of ppl especially ones without q job.
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  9. mikeypizano

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    Started out with cheap stuff, saved my money and paid CASH. :laugh:

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    If someone is $5-$10 cheaper they just have a lower price. If there doing it for 1/2, theres something wrong there.

    It doesnt make much of a difference to me. If you want to beat your equipment for beer money. Go for it. I know that type of person will never be a threat to expand to be real competition.

    Every year I buy new equipment to expand my business into other areas. Next year going to get a excavator. So if these guys are happy cutting grass for $15-$30 let them have it. Ill be digging foundations for $10k a pop.

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