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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by danslawncare, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. danslawncare

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    Okay so I'm advertising today. Putting flyers on mailboxes and there were 3 other companies also advertising on the same box. College Students....SUPPORT OUR YOUTH. CORTEZ Landscaping BEST RATES AROUND!!! Straitline Landscaping....over 30 years experience. Why would any customer choose you? :dizzy:
  2. nobagger

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    Its tough to get through to these customers. Its also hard to compete with college kids because people feel bad for them and they have no idea what to charge. That where your professionalism should come into play, yourself and your company. We don't use the very boring and predictable "best prices" thing, we try to get across that we are a professional, insured, and competent company that can service all of their needs. Some people just don't care who mows the lawn just as long as it gets done, and some people don't want to call 6 different places to get estimates. So we try to convey to them that they won't need to. I did a little survey last year as to how many companies each person called and the average was only 2 to 3.
  3. Precision Lawns

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    FYI: It's illegal to put flyers (or any other form of advertising) on mailboxes. We put out about 100 last year (thank goodness it wasn't more) on the mailbox flags, thinking it was only illegal to put them IN the boxes - nope. Got a call from the post office saying there would be a $300 fine PER BOX if they ever caught us doing it again. Needless to say, we've never touched a mailbox since - we walk to the front door and put it there (we used doorhangers this year - much better).

    As for why someone would choose you - well, we also encountered a lot of other forms of advertising while out putting up doorhangers. Magnets on mailboxes, flyers, and of course the flyer-in-a-baggie-with-a-rock-thrown-in-the-driveway. Our doorhanger was by FAR the most professional looking advertising we came across. Plus, we were the only ones who took the time to walk all the way to the door - most of the other stuff wound up as litter in the yard or driveway. As far as the info included on our doorhanger, it's about the same (our name, services, contact info, "licensed and insured," know, the quintessential LCO advertising info), but ours was professionally printed, had our logo instead of clip art, was full just looked leagues above the others we saw. We're still in the midst of putting out doorhangers, so we don't know what the return on them will be yet, but we're hoping that ours will really stand out to customers, and that's why they'll choose us.

    I'd say the more professionally you present yourself and your business, whether it be in person, in your advertising, on your website, your vehicles, etc., the better chance you have of being picked out of a crowd. At least, that's what I'm hoping :)
  4. befnme

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    get used to it .every year someone decides they need a little extra cash and have a huge influx of lawnboys ...then they play business with their little magnetic signs on their suv's and cadillacs .all the while we keep pluggin away trying to convince we are the best choice for the job and loosing out by a lowballer .just keep on doin what you are doin and you will make it .people so often find out hat price isnt everything.
  5. danslawncare

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    you all have very good points. But how do you convince someone that you are a better choice then someone else. I mean some people don't care. All they want is cheeper! I work in a high income part of town, 500,000+ houses. Still i find chepo's. How do you compete with a college company that has 7 years of experience. If the employees are college kids, people want to help them!!!
  6. JimLewis

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    Professionalism; that's the key.

    There are basically two types of clients out there.

    The first type just wants the lawn cut and they don't care who does it really, as long as the price is affordable. It doesn't have the be the cheapest, just affordable. And if it's a college student, all the better.

    The second type of client has been around long enough to learn that "you get what you pay for." They don't go for "cheapest". They go for quality. The didn't buy a cookie-cutter home, they bought a craftsman built home. They don't drive a "good" car. They drive a GREAT car, because of the quality, performance, and reliability. They don't wear Old Navy. They wear Ralph Lauren. Anyway, you get my point. Their life doesn't revolve around what's the cheapest. They are after quality, reliability, performance, integrity, and last of all value. They don't want to get ripped off. That's for sure. But they aren't nearly as picky on price as the first group is.

    So the trick is you set your company apart from the others by selling the fact that you are more professional, more reliable, more knowledgeable, etc. You offer a more extensive program than the mow-blow-go guys and you let the customer understand that. They can tell you are in this for the long-haul, not just doing it until you get through college. You don't have a few references, you have DOZENS of them. You also have dozens of examples of your work.

    The second group is a smaller group. And you can't ever please both groups with the same company. But the second group is the more profitable and more loyal one. And they are going to choose you because you exude professionalism in every sense. From your flyer to your vehicles to your personal image to your estimate forms to your cards to your work and on and on and on. These people are like hawks. They can size up a company in just a few minutes by a miriad of little clues. And they chose you because you're passing all their little tests.
  7. hole in one lco

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    ones you get them you keep them.......................
  8. SodKing

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    Like Jim said...not everyone is price shopping. When someone calls us and I feel they are price shopping I ask them and them apologise and say I will not be the lowest price. I do have some of the highest qualifications of anyone in the industry but if your looking for a cheap price I suggest calling ABC Lawncare or XYZ lawn care.

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