No other services? No thanks.

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    To further elaborate.

    I've got a buddy, and he does exactly that. Whenever he either over books or has something out of his scope of work he kicks it to me to put a price on it.

    So if he's mowing, and his client asks for some landscaping to be done, he will refer my company to them. Because if you ask that guy to put down mulch or put in pavers, it's a lost cause. I've tried teaching him.

    And the same, if there is something that I just don't really care for or is out of my scope of work, I refer them to him. As an example, there have been a few times where there is 3 acres to mow, just really don't feel like doing that with my 48" WB.

    What I'm saying is, if you network properly, and make the right friends, this can be very profitable and keep your customers happy.
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    networking helps work the "net." lol
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    it depends...around here mow only is fine. i have 40 customers and only trim shrubs for about 3-4 of them. the rest do it themselves or they simply don't get it done. i've only done a few mulch jobs in 9 years. flower beds and extras aren't a big thing around here. some get it done sure but not many. most just let it go or they may fiddle around with it themselves each spring and stuff like that.

    i always keep the weeds sprayed in beds and so forth as part of my regular mowing service. i only trim shrubs or do mulch if they ask me to which isn't very much at all. even with older people a lot of times they get a family member to do it for them for free. it's just how it is around here.

    i live in an agricultural/farming area where most people do all the work themselves. i don't live in a big city of people that only work office jobs. some of them do sure but a lot of people here are blue collar workers.
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    You may find as I did after years of mowing you welcome other jobs for a change of pace. Those other jobs can also make your season longer. I usually work from March 1st to mid December. If I was mowing only I would begin the first or second week of April and be done around the end of October. If you get a bad drought it's good to have other work. Side jobs can put the breaks on your day and slow you down so I get wanting to mow only. But if you can fix something or solve someone's problem you might have a customer for life.
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    i guess the length of season has a lot to do with it too. down here i mow 10 months out of the year. 8 months grass and 2 months leaves. winter is only 2 months long then i start up again. march-dec mowing. jan and feb off.
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    Pretty much same here in Colorado. We start spring cleanups in march will usually finish fall cleanups sometimes in December. Will usually finish fall cleanups around mid December.
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    Lots of good advice on this thread, speaking for myself we offer as many services, as we can take on, for example as much as we hate doing them we offer residential snow plowing to all of our homeowners because I hate the idea of another lawn co servicing my customers in the winter months, once they get in there who knows what else I could lose from them in those 3-4 months....
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    Yeah, allowing another lco in an acct is asking for competition. They get their foot in the door and now everything is open for negotiation.

    On the flip side, this can be a good thing. For example, the brother of one of my customers got to bid on his commercial properties(2). I have had 1 for 4 years and they just bought another. I did get to bid the new one but found out they had given this location to the brother. Then they tell me they are going to “think on” getting new mulch after I sent them the estimate(I’ve done that as well for 4 years), which basically means “we’ll prob have the brother do it for 1/2 of what you charge”. That’s cool, you do that and as soon as it gets done, I’m going to drop the acct completely. I know the brother of the owner and this guy can’t handle mowing this acct.(the owner knows this as well). Extreme slopes, lots of trimming, lots of parked cars, etc. With his inexperience, a big acct like this will surely end his biz. So, in this instance, he got in the door, took some biz from me(no hard feelings there) and now I’m going to dump it in his lap and watch him fold. If they call back, I’m sure they will, the price will be almost double.
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    Just so you do t get into trouble
    A “complimentary service” typically is taken to mean no additional charge, not a service that is available by the same source for for additional cost.

    So don’t use that term

    Complimentary breakfast goes with you hotel room at no additional charge... see what I’m saying

    Everything has a price

    You don’t plow for free because they gave you the lawn cutting job
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