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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by lawnshark2420, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. lawnshark2420

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    I have a hunter irrigation system that has no pressure on one zone. I swapped out the valve for one that was not being used but still no luck. Any suggestions? Today is my water day and my grass needs it.(been down for weeks) PLEASE HELP!!!
  2. Az Gardener

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    It sounds like you swapped wire in the controller for one that was not being used?
    Check to see if your back-flow or supply source is on first.

    The valve in the ground is the problem most likely. Find the one that waters that station and change the bonnet the whole top with the solenoid and diaphragm, that is all the moving parts. A shotgun approach to be sure but it should solve the problem.
  3. lawnshark2420

    lawnshark2420 LawnSite Member
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    Az Gardener thanks for the quick reply. There is one valve that was not wired in (not being used) I swapped it out for the one with no pressure. Maybe its faulty also? It doesnt even have pressure when i turn it on manualy.I assume if its getting power to the valve, then the valve is bad?
  4. jimmyburg

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    If you have no pressure on the zone, there might be a leak on the outlet side of the valve.
  5. frumdig

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    ya if the other zones work fine, and it doesnt work manually.. more than likely you have a pretty big leak somewhere in that zone... maybe a head got broke off... or a pipe/joint break... its not a flow control valve is it??? if so open it up???

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  7. EagleLandscape

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    Could also have a stuck diaphragm as well. What kind of valve is it? (thats the thing in the ground with the 2 wires going to it). Describe that to us. Does the valve have a flow control, if so is it open all the way?

    When you cut the mainline right before the valve, does water shoot everywhere?:)
  8. lawnshark2420

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    Yeah you were all pretty much right. Paver guy busted the pvc pipe while installing a walkway. Installed new pipe everything is back in order. Thanks to all for your input.

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