No Respect for the profession

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LHS Lawns, Oct 4, 2012.

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    I have found it to be true that those who can afford our services generally have a high level of education. I make it a point to share my educational advances with clients, and they almost always stay loyal. Obtaining educational advances demonstrates to a person that you are one who perseveres. It takes a level of resolute perseverance to graduate an educational course. It also shows your willingness to be taught and improve....nothing wrong with that! People with brains and a go-getter attitude own the world.
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    Municipalities go with the lowest bid, period, end of statement. Oh they'll say they want quality, but trust me on this one...they really don't care. They want to save money for their city, their state. Been this way for decades now in the bidding business. The Walmart approach to hiring lawn care pros has now permeated society where anyone with a craigslist ad can lowball anyone else out there...and the customers know this. They, themselves care less about quality as a general rule than those of the 1970's/80's era. Lived it, seen it up close and personal. The era of the lowballer is in full swing.
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    I don't worry about what people think, I live in an affluent neighborhood, homes are a 1/2 million on up. Most of my clients are my neighbors so they know me pretty well, as for the others, well I just laugh all the way to the bank. Most people have no clue as to what this industry has to offer, but best of all, "I work for myself and not the man." That says a lot right there.
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    Im trying to tread lightly here but.....anyone with thumbs can do that and thats why this industry isnt viewed as that of a plumber, electrician, building contractor etc etc.

    Anyone can go to home depot and pick up a mower, trimmer and fertilizer and in a couple weekends get the hang of it and in a single season perfect it.

    Just the reality of it.
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    I had the same thing happen to me last year. I went to trade my canyon in for a fullsize. The canyon was only four years old but I needed something bigger. Well, I went to the same dealer figuring it was a good place to start. I walked around the lot for a good 45 minutes and finally found a auto tech and asked if he could find someone to help me. Granted I was twenty years old with a babyface, but I had about ten grand to put down, and made more than enough to pay off the rest. They sent out some kid that knew less about the trucks, since I had done all my research on towing and axle ratios and whatnot. I left and bought a 30,000 truck about two hours later. the next day a senior sales person from the first dealer called and tried selling me a truck. I told him I already bought one and paid 21,000 for a 30,000 truck. I literally laughed when I heard his voice say wow.
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    I think its because the Hack vs. Professional ratio is about 75/25%....... Did I just include the word professional with cutting grass :)
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    That's because it's not a profession, an unskilled trade perhaps.
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    I don't worry what people think until I try to get them to understand certain things about their lawns or the way it should be done.
    I don't think it's me or the business, it's just people.
    There's a bunch of stupid people out there.
    Just look at how many put this current jackass in for president or, how many still support him.
    That's just one example that everyone can relate to, there's many more just think about how stupid people are.
    Now, on the other hand I love it when people ask me questions about my business or the looks I get in traffic or around town from guys who wish they had their own business like me.
    It happens virtually every day.
    Just look and act professional, that's all you can do.

    Just an edit for the word professional.....If you spend 30 minutes studying a subject, you are a professional compared to the rest of the population who just take up space.
    Hitmen don't get a degree from college but they are considered professional.
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    Generally speaking, fulfilling a profession involves a formal education.

    You see landscaping in there?

    Most of the rest of those professions require master's degrees...
    All except maybe nurses and military officers, and maybe there exist a few more but they all require college as well.

    Maybe among criminals.
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  10. Charles

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    I think it is because we live in a "class" society. In England your status is based on your blood line. Here it is based on not only your education level but where you were educated as well as what you do for a living. Did you go to Harvard? Are you a Doctor? Funny that dentist don't get as much respect as a General practitioner ie see old Seinfeld episode:laugh: Many cut grass for a little spending money when they were kids and teens so they will always look at grass cutters in that light. That is just the way it is. No matter if you look and act like a Pro. People used to call it Snobbery.:rolleyes:

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