No response from client for 6 months, now expects service to be completed that grass is 2 ft long.

What would you do

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He called, texted, emailed... Not just once. They responded before no problem, then cold. F'em, don't give them the time of day. Move on there are much better accounts to gain.


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I wouldn't worry too much about saving face either. Don't be an *******, but 6 months and multiple follow ups the ball was obviously dropped.

This does provide an opportunity though to tweak your systems a bit and make it more solid.

After any email or verbal acceptance of the terms, add something about nothing being final or added to a route for maintenance etc until you receive a signed contract. One will be sent out by X date and is valid for 2,3 weeks. If not received in that time a follow up call will be made on “date”

When we receive your signed contract we will call to confirm and send you a copy of the signed contract.

Something like that so this doesn’t happen again and if it does they aren’t trying to pass blame. I have missed emails for things and people have missed mine, but on stuff like this I always call to make sure they know I got or to know they got it.


If a company doesn't have at least one bad review it puts into quest how legit the good reviews are. In this day and age of buying reviews and hiding less then perfect one is so common. I remember buying some fancy smelly soap. Paid a nice amount for it too. Smell great when I opened it up but after one shower it lost its smell and did not last. So I go and write a review. Company then deletes it off thier website. Do I trust reviews rarely unless the good is with the bad.

As far as the original issue. Give them a new contract with new pita factor price and they most likely will solve themselves. They where hoping for another company to deliver a cheaper price most likely.


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I agree, the thing that really grinds my gears is that in the clients eyes, an email saying they accept the quote on October 26th, is the same thing as the signed contract which sent on October 30th(which was never signed!) The other thing that blows me away is what people will say via text or email, but would never say in person.

We occasionally accept “electronic” verification of contractual agreement , basically the email is the signature

It’s really not ideal tho


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We have a competitor that’s around a third our size
They have many times more reviews than anyone in our city in the industry
And 99% of them are 5 stars... the weird thing is there are way too many reviews that have the same structure of sentences , like the same people wrote them,,, you know how when you read something it’s like different “voices” from one author to another?
Yea this doesn’t read like that

The two other strange things are the reviews all have proper punctuation, spelling and grammar, no typos, no mistakes , no Siri throwing in there when you typed their...
And.... too many reviews with the workers individual names ... first AND last
How many customers know all the workers names and spellings?
Especially a few workers with Samoan names that are not only hard to pronounce but most certainly hard to spell?

You might know the first name of the salesman, the foreman or crew leader?
But first and last of the two guys that did your spring clean up?
Not once... but twenty to thirty different reviews in that format?

Something fishy...
You think they’re bought? Like a service writes the reviews?


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Yes and yes. Sometimes it's the company itself writing them others they hire out. Very very common nowadays.

I thought there were steps and processes to prevent that.
How do they not get caught?
Or is that just something review sites claim (we make sure the reviews are real...)



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