No response from client for 6 months, now expects service to be completed that grass is 2 ft long.

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  1. BigJlittleC

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    Yeah I don't know. I don't use it.

    I'm very skeptical of all online reviews no matter where they are placed. With today's means of marketing and how easy it is to manipulate online reviews they should hold little weight. As you can clearly see it is used as a trusted gauge. Look at how some groups will attack using Yelp/Google reviews. If they don't like you political, religious, sexuality beliefs.

    I wish we didn't have to play the 5* review game but we do.

    Just think how often do you leave reviews. How much weight do you give reviews. If a company can increase good reviews would they not? Do you not think someone is willing to write fake and bogus reviews for pay.
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  2. Delmarva Keith

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    I agree with reviews being pretty much worthless even if they’re real reviews. For example, I can think of many motorized tool reviews trashing a tool because some fools don’t know how to start an engine. So according to some of the reviews, every tool with a Briggs or a Honda or a Kawi or . . . must be junk? I don’t think so. A good tool can end up with 1 star because a few don’t know how to use it and a piece of crap can end up with 5 stars because all the home gamers reviewing it don’t know what a good tool is.

    Same with landscaping services. See, Saint Fiacre landscape, inc., planted my sod and I went on vacation a month later and they told me to keep it watered every day so I only turned off the sprinklers for two measly weeks when I went away in the middle of July and it all turned brown, they suck zero stars . . . A few months before that I called Mowzit Fast Cutters around noon and told them I needed someone to cut my lawn before 1:00 pm that day because I’m having a party and those jerks said they couldn’t do it, zero stars . . . Then I called Tailgate Warranty, inc. and the guy came by on his bicycle with a string trimmer and zipped the whole lawn to 1/4” in a jiffy, 5 stars!
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  3. weeze

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    in the new contract state that they must prepay at the beginning of each month on the 1st before any work will be completed in that month.
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  4. Doc8406

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    Three of my clients are like that.. the rest are day of..
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