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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ToddS, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. ToddS

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    Does this just include door to door? I am getting ready to start advertising with door hangers and flyers and most sub-divisions in my area have a no soliciting sign at the entrance of the sub-division. If this includes door hangers and flyers then how do you get around this? I see many posts recommending both door hangers and flyers as the most effecient and cost effective ways to advertise services. Thanks in advance.

  2. mbricker

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    I do not always notice signs when I drive into a new neighborhood. If you didn't see the sign, you really don't know about the restriction until someone tells you about it. If you can knock on 10 doors (or 20, or 30) and quickly introduce yourself and ask if they are considering a new lawn service for this season, before someone says "Hey buddy we don't allow soliciting in this neighborhood," you may be able to get into the neighborhood. From there, it isn't really soliciting if you finish a job and then walk next door to speak to the neighbors about providing their service. Even if some buzzard tells you no soliciting is allowed, you can drive over a block or two and start again. Always be polite and thank the buzzard for pointing the restriction out to you so you won't get trouble.

    See my post on the thread about helping the marketing idiot spend $1500.
  3. Mdirrigation

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    If its a private gated community that the roads are not public , then you have a problem, If they are public roads then simply ignore the signs. Thats what great about this country freedom . If a specific homeowners property is posted than stay away . Dont put fliers in mail boxes , thats against the law.
  4. Guthrie&Co

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    ignore the signs? talk about invasion of privacy. i am going to shoot the next person that solicits at my front door. i cant stand em
  5. TurfProSTL

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    What about someone who has a sign near their front door, "No Soliciting". Would you leave a flyer, if you don't knock on the door and bother them?
  6. Guthrie&Co

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    Well if the sign says "no soliciting" then it means just that. no flyers no talking no door knocking no calling. what i want to know is why is it so friggin hard for some of these guys to understand it?
  7. Old Red

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    Before you shoot the next solicitor at your door you could do as Mdirrigation wrote, "post your specific property." I believe the act of communicating to others, especially via a public roadway is guaranteed by the 1st Amendment.
  8. MMLawn

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    Yes, but going door to door in those marked neighborhoods is exactly what ticks the home owners off and why it is posted that way in the first place. The streets maybe public but the homes on them and their property sure as heck aren't and more and more subdivisions are posting them and that is why we mail every piece of advertisement. Does it cost a whole lot more? Of course it does, but we have not only presented my company in a positive professional manner via the US Mail but we have also honored the wished of the subdivison that is posted and I guess why we get some many clients out of them every year.
  9. Turfcutters Plus

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    You should obey subdivision AND residential signs.Come on folks,no soliciting means just that.Have some respect!!! :dizzy: :dizzy:
  10. ed2hess

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    In the communities that have no solicit signs generally have a newsletter and you can advertise in those. I live in one of these no solicit neighborhoods and I would guess I get at least one flyer a day(pizza/home cleaning/home sales/specials at small resturants etc.etc). We put our door hangers out because if we don't we would be at a disadvantage in our own area. We avoid homes that have signs in the window. It is interesting why these door hangers upset people...You would think they would want the little business person to get ahead...I know they hate the big companies. Our city OUTLAWs these little signs along the road, that you can get for $1 per sign with a stake. I see people on their way to work stop and take down these signs when they see them. I bet they really get bend over about the trash mail you get every day in the mail box??

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