"No Soliciting" on door...still leave a flyer?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by oilcan, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. craftsmanracer

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    All the nicest neighborhoods around here have no soliciting signs on the entrances of the neighborhoods.

    I plan on going to the monthly meetings that the neighborhoods have, and handing out cards at the end of the meeting.

    I'll probably go to them regularly so I become a "regular face" that people get accustomed to.

    Might even do a small speech, who knows.
  2. easy-lift guy

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    You may want to contact the President of the HOA and clear your idea with him or her First in order to possibly avoid any misunderstanding and embarrassment on your part.

    Most HOA and Condo meetings are in fact agenda oriented.
    If your not on the agenda make a point of being part of the solution and not part of the problem.
    easy-lift guy
  3. whiffyspark

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    I put flyers out in one the other day. President called and ask for a presentation at a meeting. That's a potential $45k job over a week

    If I had never put flyers out I wouldn't have that opportunity
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  4. easy-lift guy

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    Did the HOA have a soliciting policy, or were there signs posted to that affect yes or no?. If soliciting was permitted in the development I could see no objection, however if the development had a posted no soliciting policy I could see where the President of the HOA could have had some issues with the board other vendors.
    easy-lift guy
  5. whiffyspark

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    Yup no soliciting signs everywhere.

    They have no legal bearing lol. You just have to know the work arounds

    We hit every neighborhood every 3 months
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  6. JimsLocalLawn

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    This is true!

    Just heard on the news a landscaper in our area was just fined $500 for leaving door hangers on homes. They fined him for soliciting without a permit. He fought back saying he was not soliciting - because he didn't knock on the doors - he was found guilty.

    IT IS considered soliciting if you leave a flyer / door hanger - period.
  7. whiffyspark

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    He should have got the permit and avoided all that lol
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  8. easy-lift guy

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    I guess there is no legal bearing until someone turns you in or until you have to pay a fine.
    easy-lift guy
  9. OakNut

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    They don't pay lawyers oodles of money to write up legal ordinances that hold no weight under "free speech".


    I think it says something about one's character when you blatantly ignore not only a law/ordinance, but more importantly an individual's obvious desire (posted sign) not to be bothered with your unwanted "advertising".
  10. Trees Too

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    This is honestly one of those questions that could go either way {["yes" or "no"] that is.} As you have to delve into the legal zoning definition of "soliciting". IMHO that act of soliciting is a person attempting to initiate face-to-face contact by the act of knocking on the door, or ringing the doorbell. So if there is a NO SOLICITING sign, you are within your boundaries to simply leave a flyer/door-hanger. However, if there is a sign that says "No Handbills or flyers" then obviously don't. Also be sure to check your local municipalities for ordnances that regulate or prohibit distribution of advertising materials.

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