no spark b&s 16 hp

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by lobsterguy, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. lobsterguy

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    hi,brand new to this site and a second hand national84 with a 16hp b&s single model 326437
    type 0311-01
    code 7902221
    when i first used it she worked fine but now it has no spark.i dont know much about these at all.could anyone tell me where the points are located or if it has any because i cannot find them.cant find any broken wires,changed the plug,if i hold on the plug wire i get a slight shock when i roll it over.any info or ideas would be appreciated.
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    If this engine does have points they will be located under a cover below the carb. to the left. Some of these series engines also had electronic ignition.

    Check for spark with the plug in the wire holding the plug body to the engine block (ground) then watch for spark jumping across the plug. It should be blue in color.

    If still no spark dis-connect the black engine kill wire and check again.
  3. lobsterguy

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    i ve already done what you have suggested.
    there is a vertical cover to the left of the carb about 3" long held on by 2 screws.under the cover there is a couple of screws but nothing this where the points would have been located?behind the flywheel there is some windings which seems to be maybe a magneto for charging the battery, i really dont know.also there is a solid state device screwed to the flywheel cover case with a wire running back to the little bolt that the coil is grounded this the regulator?would you know the correct plug for this engine?the guy that i got it from had a J4C champion in it.
    appreciate any more info,thanks:canadaflag:
  4. Restrorob

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  5. lobsterguy

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    so do you think what i thought to be the regulator is the spark enhancer?
    would it be better to go with the electronic or the original way with the points and condenser?the wiring is crude to say the least.
  6. Restrorob

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    How many screws are mounting this device, How many wires are hooked to it and how large is it ?
    A picture of this device would be great if possible ?

    You can go to the electrical system page in the parts break-down link I posted to help identify the voltage regulator. It could be mounted on the unit frame also so check that out as well to help identify this other device as not being the regulator.
  7. lobsterguy

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    hi rob,been busy fishing this week but still trying to figure this out .
    sending pics of inside the points cover and of the device that i think is what the guy used to gear it up as electronic does not have any # or letters front or back to idenify it only +and-.hopefully you can identify it,i would say that it was not factory installed.the wire on the+terminal goes back to where the small wire coming from the coil attaches.
    could you descbe how the points and condenser fasten on this engine?

    P7080231 (Small).JPG

    P7080228 (Small).JPG
  8. Restrorob

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    Looking at your pic, Below is the parts list required to re-install points and condenser.

    1) Points Plunger
    2) Points Plunger Seal
    3) Points Plunger Seal Retainer (Missing)
    4) Points
    5) Condenser
    6) Points Cover Gasket

    Grand total; $67.55 Plus tax (if bought local) and shipping charges.

    If this engine was running fine with that aftermarket ignition module installed, That's exactly what I would replace.

    You can order a replacement module for $20.01 including shipping from here;

    Just click on "Add to Cart".

    Myself, I wouldn't monkey around with points.......
  9. lobsterguy

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    :canadaflag: :canadaflag: thanks rob replaced that part and she took right off,great help saved me time and money.great site glad i found it.hope i can help you sometime,thanks again.

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