No spark issue with 24 kohler motor

Steve Hadding

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Hi guys I m new to your forum. I stumbled across you guys lookin for answers. Hopefully someone can help. I have a cub cadet rzt-s46 with a 24 kohler, kt735=1013. While back I had issues with the coils so I changed both 2 months ago. Saturday mowing knee deep grass I had a loss of power and upon checking it seemed like I had a burnt coil. I swapped the plugs and I was getting fire on the right but not the left with both plugs. Went this mornihg and got a new coil but that doesn't fix the issue. The right side works all my coils but I cant get anything from the left bank. Actually I am getting a tiny bit of spark from the left side but not enough to try to fire. You can barely see it. I have thouroughly cleaned everything tried unplugging coils from ground wire. Just got done pulling the flywheel everything looks perfect just a little dusty inside.
Could cam gears or something inside be causing this. Ive worked on mowers for over 30 yrs. Never ran into this before.....Please help!!!! Thanks Steve


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Just to throw it out there battery or wiring connections good?


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Quickest way to rule out safety switches, coil wiring is to remove both kill wires from coils and crank engine over and check for spark. Possibly one coil has failed? Were the coils you installed Kohler brand or generic? Maybe recheck coil to magnet clearance? Should be .010" or use a business card. Did you try a shot of starter fluid or fuel in carb throat to see if it would run? Good luck with the troubleshooting and keep us updated.