No-Spill Gas Cans.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mumblingboutmowers, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Mumblingboutmowers

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    We were just talking about these a couple weeks ago but I cannot find that thread. I know Weeze said he used them. I got a couple and really like them. I like the design and I was pleasantly surprised at the flow rate. Much quicker than my other cans. I was really happy about how fast they flow. The prices for them are high and that is the biggest downfall I see, but I will likely buy a couple more if I don't buy a transfer tank first.

    Just wanted to share my review if anyone was considering buying them but hesitant because of the price.
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  2. CGros31

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    I love the No Spill Cans. I have 4 of them. Buy once, cry once. Tractor Supply has them in my location.
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  4. Cam15

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    So why should I go with something like this over my 20yr old gas cans that I just take the cap off and pore? And what is the price per can?
  5. Mowing monkey.

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    After multiple discussions do you still not understand? The government banned good old fashioned pop the cap and pour cans. The few manufacturers selling cans without that crap such as VP technically aren’t selling gas cans. They’re sportsman’s cans not labeled for gasoline use.
  6. OakNut

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    I bought a Sure Can and returned it when I realized what a pain it would be to use.
    If others like the design, great - I didn't like that way it fills and don't want to hold a can up while feeding a nozzle into an opening - it's just awkward.

    Walmart now carries what appears to be an exact copy of the No Spill brand can. "Easy Can"
    I don't know if they are made by No Spill FOR Walmart without their name on it, or if another company copied the design, but the former seems more likely because it is EXACTLY the same.

    I'm mostly happy with No Spill cans, but they do have one negative - they expand and contract a lot with changes in temperatures.
    Over time, it causes them to crack and leak. This has only been an issue with my 5 gal can which sits out in the elements in my trailer. The 2 gal can and the 1 gal can both ride in the bed of my truck which has a cap.
    I started in 2010 and both the 1 gal and 2 gal are from 2010. I'm on my second 5 gal can and it's starting to split on the exterior where it "bends" when it collapses in cold weather.

    I may try the Walmart version.
    $26.88 vs $50 for the 5 gal No Spill labeled can.
    I just looked it up, and it's called a "No-Spill Easy Can", so your guess is as good as mine.
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  7. flybynite

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    I took a metal valve stem for an automotive tire and used ultra RTV gasket maker to seal it in the can. Remove the valve core and use the metal valve stem cap without the tiny rubber gasket/o-ring and it will vent without coming out.
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  8. Charles

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    Step one: Go buy Kerosene pump at Walmart or a Hardware store
    Step 2: Put can on Mower seat or on ground beside push mower
    Step 3: Insert Pump hose in the can and mower
    Step 4: Pump as many times as it takes to get the auto flow going. Usually 4 times. Keep watch on levels

    You're welcome:waving:
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  9. Cam15

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    No need to be rude I was just asking. I wasn't apart of the other discussions, I was just trying to inform myself.
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  10. JFGLN

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    That's cool. We loosen the caps at the end of the day. How do you indicate if they are mix or regular fuel?
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