no stripes in Florida?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by gnosis, May 9, 2011.

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    Yea I know what you mean with the guys that mow super low like that. Reminds me of the municipal workers I see mowing all the ball fields and parks at 2" or less haha. You see them put down some seed then in 5 years its all weeds.

    There is a large development next to one of the jobs we maintain. Must be 30 acres of hills, beds, trees and a fountain just in the front entrance to this place. These guys are out there every 3 days browning the grass out every time and throwing clumps everywhere. Sure they get decent patters, but that place could look great if they raised up an inch or so.

    We mow high so we don't get those waterlogged clumps and keep the grass looking good and less wear on everything. I like getting in there more often so you aren't getting slowed down having to cut twice just to thin stuff out.

    I was wondering how the lawns were even growing in Florida actually. That place seems one step away from being a desert. I mean, I haven't been down there in the wet season. Does it green up at all down there? Everything was burnt and brown when I've been down there so far.

    Thanks guys
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    mowing in the same direction time and time again will cause ruts in any type of turf.

    in my neck of the woods we have these "park strips" between the sidewalk and road. they are only wide enough to mow one direction efficiently 3 passes with a 52" mower. but some have developed tire ruts from the large mower and others have those same tire ruts from the 21 incher.

    it's all around healthier for turf to mow in different directions. to many companys focus to much time on, well, time. they want to get in and out as fast as physically possible. quality should be a large concern in my opinion.

    i use whatever mower i can mow in different directions. i have plenty of cookie cutter lawns i could wipe out with 2 or 3 passes with my 52". but theres no room for the diffent directions so i use the 36" or 21 incher, just to get the different patterns.
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    Yea as far as mowing in the same directions. We usually have some different choices, but over time the ground starts to get bumpy no matter what you do. Depending on where we are at the time, people drive over some spots haha so it's definitely a no win.
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    ....hmmm no striping on st auggie? Look at my profile...i stripe all day...and im certainly no magician! Its all about the mower my friends
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    i've never seen many striped yards down south...that goes for florida, georgia, alabama, mississippi, texas, lousisiana, south carolina, north carolina, tennessee....i guess maybe there are some somewhere here or there in yards that plant northern type grasses but i'm talking about the majority of yards down's just not very common at all down here....when you get done cutting there are faint stripes yes but they disappear within a few's nothing like the stripes on northern grasses.

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