No truck or trailer--can it be done?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Prayturtle, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. Prayturtle

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    Hi, I'm new and interested in starting a small part-time residential business. However, I don't own a truck or a trailer. Is it feasable to try to work out of a car? (I can fit my 21" mower in my trunk.) Should I wait until I save up enough to buy a trailer and attatch it to my car? Or should I just hold off for a pickup truck? Anyone else been in this position? Any advice would be appreciated!

    BTW, I'm a woman. . .but I'm pretty strong and determined, in need of extra income, and I really enjoy cutting grass. I've done lots of searches but I haven't found any that address this issue. :)
  2. Canadian GreenScape

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    I started hauling an old craftsman mower (with a broken self propelled transmission) around in the trunk of my Moms 87 Jetta ... and my Mom had to drive me b/c I didnt have my license yet ... you gotta start somewhere. You're image when you pull up is going to look kind of bad for awhile and you might have to do some crummy jobs b/f you build things up. Guys are going to give you a hard time with the "scrub" word etc but hey go for it. Just charge what you should.. dont work for cheap.
  3. tiedeman

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    when I was really young I had a mower in the trunk of my car.
  4. GeeVee

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    Step van..........
  5. lawnguyland

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    Ii used to mow lawns from trunk of 78 buick electra while in high school...(I actually did lawns between classes, I had 2 periods off in a row.... but a truck is soooo much better and more efficient so you'll make more money faster. Skip the car thing if you can, but if not do what ya gotta do!
  6. Mowin Mac

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    Prayturtle, welcome to lawnsite. This has become my absolute favorite place on the web. I have learned more from these people than I ever would have thought possible. They are the best in the world at this profession. They post some pics of lawns that are amazing. They also have a great sense of humor. And from time to time they love to display it.
    Now for your question. Start any way that you can. Save as much money as possible. By the finest commercial equipment that you can afford when you replace your 21.
    This business in not a fast track to a quick buck, it requires hard work and determination.
    Good Luck
  7. Blades of Steel

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    Gee Vee,

    Are you still running from your step van? I almost did that prior to a new truck and trailer. I had to go that route because of city code "NO BUSINESSES RUN FROM THE HOME"> So I still run it from my home I just put everything in the garage and and hid it.

  8. Avery

    Avery LawnSite Bronze Member
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    My advice would be to work for a large LCO in your area. Learn all you can, save your money then start your own business when you are ready. Right now you are not ready.
  9. all degree

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    Pray turtle I just sent you a private message I may be able to help you out with some used eq.
  10. txlawnking

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    Pray turtle I'd say go for it, eat lot's of ramen and save all of your profits to reinvest in your biz.

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