No used F-450s on the market

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Gravel Rat, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. Gravel Rat

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    I'am looking for a 99-2002 F-450 but I'am one heck of a time trying to find one. Western Canada (B.C. Alberta) is having a building boom and I guess everybody is buying up trucks :confused:

    I looked at the prices of new F-450s and I can't justify the 46,000 (Cnd)dollar price tag for a cab and chassis :dizzy:

    The F-450s I have found are V-10 power I really don't want a V-10 they burn too much fuel.

    What I'am looking for is a F-450 4x4 165 regular cab diesel 5 or 6spd cab and chassis.

    I see a few 2003 F-450 4x4s you know why they are forsale they have the first try Oh No 6.0 litres I would like to stick with a 7.3 PSD.

    I would even go for a 2wd F-450 and stick a locker in the diff or a true trac limited slip. Having 4wheeldrive would be nice but I don't know if its worth it in a F-450 they are so heavy they sink before the front wheels pull the rear wheels out of the hole they dug.

    Do you guys think its worth buying a 2005-2006 F-450 for 46,000 dollars I could buy a good used tandem axle dump that makes more money.

    I'am trying to keep in the landscaping side of things not full on excavation all I want to do is haul topsoil and do clean up work.
  2. Ollie3

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    Hey Gravel Rat, try, they have used f450's for sale. You'll probably have to travel to the USA though. Check it out and see if there is anything you like.

  3. OhioMowerGuy

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    There is a guy on plowsite trying to sell his 99 F450 powerstroke.
  4. Before you count out the V-10 I would do a little more research. It is no worse on mpg and even a little better than the 5.4 when pulling a load.:weightlifter: It has alot more HP and torque than the 5.4. The 6.0 diesels are not that good as compared with the previous power strokes. The require alot more maintenance. Do you realize the have over 3 gallons of oil that needs to be changed every 5000 miles. A 5000 oil change with the fuel filter every 10000 miles is alot more than a gas motor. :dizzy: And we aren't even talking about diesel fuel which is approx .25 cents more a gal. Unless you are hauling really heavy loads or driving ALOT of miles I would consider a V-10. By the way the 5.4's aren't to shabby either,300hp with a 5 speed automatic does just fine under most conditions. V-10's are becoming alot harder to find now, the secret is getting out.:usflag:
  5. Dirty Water

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    Don't buy a pre-2003 V-10.

    Unless you like helicoiling the spark plug threads.
  6. Gravel Rat

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    I have heard of V-10s blowing out spark plugs thats all I need buy a truck that shoots spark plugs out through the sheet metal :laugh:

    Usually once you have gone diesel you never go back to gas as for a F-450 it only comes with a V-10 or PSD these trucks weigh 8500-9000lbs with a dump body on them. The F-550 I drove was 9000lbs with a 12' flatdeck the truck was a 2wd reg cab.

    With our CND dollar being good looking at the US for a truck would be okay but I don't know what kind of B.S. I would have to go through getting it here.

    Alberta is a good place to get a truck but with the oil fields going at full tilt trucks are not selling cheap the diesel trucks are pretty expensive.

    I looked up the brake spec's on the 99 and newwer F-450s compared to my 95 wow the brakes are huge on the 99s. The rear disks are 2.5"s bigger in diameter and the front brakes are 1.5"s bigger. The brakes on my 95 F-450 are the same size as a 99 F-350 Superduty the 95 has a 15,000lb gvw.

    I do like the idea of the 19.5 wheels the tires last longer I know the 550 I drove the tires lasted double the length of what I get out of 16" LTX Michelins. The bigger brakes on the 99 and newer 450s surprised me now I think I should go with a newer 450 you can never have enough braking power.

    When you maxed out at 15,000lbs and decending 10% grades or backing down a steep driveway good brakes is a must.
  7. impactlandscaping

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    At 46K Canadian, I'd drive to Pennsylvania. I just priced a new 2006 F550,..
    specs & pricing

    2006 Ford F550 4x2 chassis Cab 141" WB msrp chassis:
    Oxford White Body Cost
    : 7430.00
    6.8L v-10 engine Davies
    Priced: 37700.00
    6-spd manual trans
    - 2500.00 rebate
    4.88 l/s axle
    - 1000.00 comm rebate
    A/C Net
    Cost: 34200.00 + tax/tags
    9'3" Rugby Z-Spec Dump
    Plate Hitch with D-rings
    Curbside steel underbody toolbox

    Thanks Again:
    Jim B.
    Davies Ford
  8. Gravel Rat

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    I know when a friend of my brother and I bought a early 2004 F-450 165 wb reg cab cab and chassis it came to 48,000 or so taxes included. The truck is a 6.0 with a problematic turbo I think he wishes he never bought the 6.0.

    I would like a 450 that still has 7.3 PSD power I don't want to deal with a problematic 6.0 I know the newer ones are a little better. There is no replacement for displacement.

    With the price of regular gas prolly going to peak at 1.25 per litre (4.00 US US gallon) this summer so a V-10 is out of the picture. Right now diesel is costs me 3.28 US US gallon.

    If I can stick with 11-12 mpg I would be happy as that is what I get now.

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