no vassar but ok in my book

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by growingdeeprootsorganicly, Sep 12, 2008.

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    first year totally organic, spring renovation,aeration,myco,topdress,seed,RealTEA, and other natural things, getting ready for another renovation/topdress
    all year-Pleanty of REAL TEA,plant based meals and liquid feedings, hand weed only, clippings mulched





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    yeah sorry about the post getting yanked, I just stuck my foot in my mouth over there. got to figure its pay to play time in here, sponsors and all that jazz. what ever, every one has to eat.

    great looking sod, nice color, good cut and real tall, god I love that when I see some one who cares to raise the deck of there mower. I bet you clean it of every now and then also. thats exactly what the mods should have put on the vassar post. that name sound like cutting day at the farm. if they want to sell some thing maybe they should get some more of the facts into the post, maybe Bill should have jumped in, maybe not. he is a nice guy and his ict is ok but just the constant comparison gets to me every now and then, its not his fault.
  3. treegal1

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    this is all on real AACT only, and it only cost 560$ per acre per year. lets see some more real tea pics!!!!

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    *peeks back into the forum, humble and a little embarrassed*

    Good looking turf guys! Sorry, my pics are only jar tea lawns with limited SOM.

    They might "not be Vassar", but were they "completely regraded and refurbished last fall"? I personally want to know what that means.

    Good work! :clapping:
  5. treegal1

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  6. growingdeeprootsorganicly

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    looks like new sod don't it?can't stress enough about proper timely over seeding too,i like to get in with the back packs and loosen up the matted down grass ete.. to let the grass breath so to say, clean deck and samurai sword sharp blades every day for my lawns! as long as irrigation is running correctly disease's really haven't been an issues for me this year

    that property's soil is so bad too! surprised to turned out so well this year, my first year practicing commercial organic's lawncare was a big step for me to get right into, thank god it's working and im getting great results,

    im known to put my foot in my mouth too sometimes, and have trouble keeping my options to my self but the comparison that i seem to read about every, every day, the misleading in sake of sales just turns my stomach to the point i just have to add my @ cents,
    my options are not personal attacks, i sure certain people are real nice guys and all, but when do you turn away from the cross roads and take another route when it comes to selling products? i have no problem calling crap, sh@t but don't call crap, gold and say its not crap just tell it like it is and don't mislead in anyway, we all have to eat no bought! but a little less smoke screen and a little more honesty goes further with me.

    when i go and see a new customer i tell it like it is, i could sell them some bs program and promise the world but they will not get results,icould just rip them off for the year and move on to the next, i tell them the truth on what it really takes, whats bs myths about organics and whats not, organic limitations and other short Cummings or other considerations they need to consider, expenses that might be needed to really get results, things like that, some go for it some don't, but either way they are impressed of my knowledge(still a work in progress) and trust me enough to help them with what ever program they decide to go with, it's all about trust to me, trust is the first thing that i sell a customer. without exception!

    im working on my website right now, it's really hard for me to get it organized correctly the way i want it, i want it to sell me and my service approach ,with lots of good info, a type of resource if you will for people who want the best in gardening service, lots of trust worthy info/ options,
    down the road hopefully we can get our own compost/vermicompost going, i know it's so vital to make this really work for me

    i just started my own biz,im semi young,lived a hard live of sorts,had my on issues,payed my dues and just want to give back a little to my community in the most honest way possible.
    i know i can be successfully with out coning/misleading in the sake of sales.
    to each his own though

    enough rambling
    ill work on more pic's of lawns too
  7. growingdeeprootsorganicly

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    jd my friend!!!! what up? glad you chimed in, chime in more offen it gets boring hear some times! lol love your good discussions you bring out hurt feelings ok?

    tree, your pic'S of your passion flowers A++++++++++ FREAKIN AWESOME great variety
    i wanted to ask you about your tea apps, you guys have 200g sprayers? whats and avg. amount per app in gallons? i go through many gallons my self on a yard, wondering do you have to refill alot at the shop? what about dilution for only feeding lawns tea?
    pm me if you rather,
  8. treegal1

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    no need to pm, we use a loads of tea 40 gallons to the acre is the high end and 8 is the low end, we water it down 1:3-4. we refill now at the new shop or the house, and we got our self's a 500 gallon tow behind pony tank and love it for droping REAL TEA at several golf courses, they do it 1:6.
  9. Prolawnservice

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    Growing Deep,

    What kind of weed pressure are you experiencing this year, and how are you charging for hand weeding?
  10. Tim Wilson

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    C, I knew you were going to do a good job, right from the beginning.


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