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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by yardboyltd, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. yardboyltd

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    In Kansas, where I live, I'm only required to have Workmans Comp if my gross income payroll is over $20,000. Family Members and my own salary don't count towards this. I won't be close to this.

    This year I'd like to have hire some parttime "grunt" help. I see the risk of not having workmans comp and one of them getting injured, so I'd keep them away from the mower's specifically. I have timeconsuming/laborous tasks like laying mulch, blowing, spring cleanups(hand work), and weedeating in mind (with proper safety gear.

    Just thought I might get a second opinion. Honestly workmans comp is too expensive for PT right now, and all I need is some help on the time intensive things.

  2. cklands

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    GET IT. Better to be safe than sorry. If you are going to keep help away from anything "dangerous" what exactly are they going to do. Even something like getting stung by a bee and having a reaction to it would be covered by workers comp. Do you want the hospital bills? They could throw their back out just bending over to pull a weed. It does cost a lot believe me I know. But so can't those hospital bills
  3. Kingspointe

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    If your planning to grow, start off the right way, all legalities in check, if not, do what you want
  4. philk17088

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    Consider a temp service. They have their own coverage and payroll.
  5. Casey

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    Find a decent temp agency, they will take care of the work comp, taxes, and other annoying stuff. At my "fulltime job" we have even "hired" people and then sent them to the temp agency, then we rent them back when we need them. They usually will let you request who you want if you find some of their people are good at what you need done.
  6. Big 12 Lawns

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    I know a guy who didn't have workman's comp last year. He thought the chances were too slim that someone would ever get an injury on the job. Then... a freak accident occured. A worker got poked in the wrist by hedge trimmers that weren't even running. The guy's tendons were completely severed from his fingers and shot up into his arm. His hand will never be the same again. The owner of the business sure does wish he had workman's compensation insurance.

    Don't be stupid. Have good business ethics and do everything right. If you can't afford it, then you are paying too much or charging too little. That's my two cents.
  7. Heller Landscaping

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    I have heard many horror stories about guys that thought they didn't need it or didn't think anything could happen to their employees. Get it and don't look back.:blob4:
  8. adrianvbarrera

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    Dont' get it. And while you are at it cancel your car, home and health insurance because you are just one of those lucky guys that can do without the extra expense.

    Get my drift....

    Insurance might seem like a waste of money but it is needed.

    If you cannot make a profit paying insurance how much do you think you will make after you pay for hospitals bills after an accident.

    Accidents don't care if you are part time or full time.

  9. DanaMac

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    I hired my first employees last May, and less than a week after my workmans comp was active, one employee rolled his ankle on the job. That was May of 2002. He is STILL in rehab for his ankle and is receiving disability pay since he is almost unable to walk some days. He has some nerve damage as well and ended up with a blood clot higher up in that leg about a month ago, which we believe was due to the conditioning, rehab, or shots that he was receiving.

    GET IT!!!!
  10. Doc Pete

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    There ya go. "IF" you are really PT and can prove you are, you can go to the state and request "part-time" status. It is "half" that of regular WC. ALSO, make sure you are going under the right code. Landscapers WC is much more that "Lawncare" WC. Get the right code. If you are not using heavy equipment, tree work or spraying, you should go under the "Lawncare" WC which is about 1/3 of Landscapers.

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