Nominate a Commercial Mower for Best of All Time

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by MBDiagMan, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. weaver

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    I'm just not big on that baffle thing. On a Scag I think most people adjust in the middle setting and leave it. I just wouldn't wanna be taking the baffle in and out for different propties or weather conditions... Does the Gravely have a sweet spot that you can just set it and forget it?
  2. GMLC

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    A good all around position(sweet spot)is just below the blade tips. The only time I adjust them now is in extreme conditions like foot tall wet grass. The advantage is you can get close to an Exmark type cut in dry and close to Scag in wet. Its very versitile.
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  3. TML

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    Belt drive WB (Exmark Metro or Toro Proline my pick). For short money you get full commercial quality and deck that will give a high quality cut. The have been around forever and always will. They can be used on almost all properties and make them look good. Most companies have one kicking around somewhere, if not on the trailer as a "backup". Almost everyone on here has used one or knows how to use one. There are many people on here that have never used a ZTR or if they did there first manicured lawn could be a disaster. You could put a belt drive in the hands of one of the regulars on here that do awesome work and they could make a lawn look great (they may hate doing it in the process!). If it was not for the belt drive WB many a LCO would not of got into this business and grew to the point of acquiring a fancy ZTR or stander. Just my opinion probably will get blasted for going back to basics but IMO they provided the foundation for allot in this industry.
  4. dathorpe

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    I absolutely love Scag TT's. I've owned and still own Z Masters and Lazers and the Turf Tigers are superior to both... by a long stretch. Early next year, I will be bidding on some large, fairly bumpy properties and I'll need a couple of 72's if I win the bid. I'm considering Cheetahs and the Ferris 3100's. I'm very interested in the 3100 for the ride but also because the deck is so similar to the velocity plus. I'm interested in the Exmark Lazer 980 EFI engine but not the rest of the mower. I might consider the Gravelys but the nearest dealer is 50 miles away.
  5. LandFakers

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    Lazer Z series has been around for a long time, liked by many, not the best by any means, but they still make em for a reason. It's too bad we can't say one certain model as they change it up every couple years it seems
  6. CurbAppealKS

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    See I have never had the pleasure of operating a turf tiger. I don't have a dealer near me. If you need something to smooth the ride out, I can honestly say the ferris is the best bet. The cheetah is a solid contender, but nothing is better than independent suspension to save your back.
  7. dathorpe

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    My Tigers are awesome mowers - extremely well built and the deck is the best all around deck money can buy, in my opinion, - so versatile. The Tigers are rigid, though, but with a suspension seat they are comfortable for every day lawn mowing.

    However, these properties I'm talking about are bumpy and really not suitable for a rigid frame mower. I've demoed the cheetah and I like it but in my opinion, it's only a slightly better ride. I think I might need something like the Ferris full suspension. I'll be honest though, the Ferris kind of scares me from a build stand point. There's a lot of stuff there to wear out and can it stand up to heavy, harsh use? It's gotta be rough on the mower when you're rolling along at 6 - 8 mph and hitting bumps and holes. question 'm suspicious
  8. TDLConceptsllc

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    I guess I am the only guy on here that would say the Walker MBS EFI 60' Super Bee series.
    So simple to work on and cuts superior I don't know time will tell. I guess I am missing out i don't know lol
  9. Armsden&Son

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    Actually TDL.... I nominated Walker as well... I nominated the 26 EFI GHS but for some reason the mods deleted me because I had the gall to question Murray's striping capabilities... go figure.. Anyway, I am absolutely dying to try out a super Bee.... having run Walker for as long as I have, I just know that the machine you nominated is awesome.... Walker is an amazing company with actual beliefs and values as well....
  10. TDLConceptsllc

    TDLConceptsllc LawnSite Member
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    Bought mine beggining of this summer i live in NC we have had a super wet summer grass growing like crazy I have a 16ace yard/plantation house of my own and couple commercial properties. I use it probably 10hrs a week and its a beast my buddy just bought the new gravely 60' deck and i dominate him torture his lol. People pull over on side of road just to watch me mow and ask what kind of mower that is. I love mine I have a 1968 camaro beside it in my garage and right now I would pick the super bee,, But i am sick lol I swear I would put it against a scag turf tiger on quality and design Its so simple

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