Non Contact Voltage detector and single strand wire

Discussion in 'Professional Discussions' started by Central Irrigation, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. Central Irrigation

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    Anybody found/used an NCV detector to locate which single strand wire is the one you're looking for? Good in theory, bad in practice?

    I see Klein makes one that will locate down to 12V AC.
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  2. 1idejim

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    They do work well when using a locator transmitter as your power source.
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    I use a NCV tester that Sperry makes. I generally use it for quick field testing to isolate a wire I need using the controller as a power source. The above method can be a bit imprecise but can be useful in initial diagnosis and testing.

    When I need to be certain on isolating a wire, I will either use my Greenlee (now "Tempo") Station Master 24BK or use a locator with my NVC tester (as Jim mentioned). Which method usually depends on if I already have the locator hooked up or not.
  5. OP
    Central Irrigation

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    How imprecise are we talking? Would I need and inch or more separation among the individual wires using an Eicon and NCV?

    Or would I be better served to purchase the other half of the Armada Valve Actuator?

    Just not sure how much separation of the wires is required to "say with certainty" that I have isolated the right wire. A bundle of 39 wires 2' down doesn't give much wiggle room. So, whichever is the most accurate is the way I'd go.
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    You can hold a toner in one hand (away from the wires and touch the individual wires with your other hand, the body acts as a filter and you don’t need a lot of separation.

    It’s a great technique I learned from telephone guys 20 odd years back.
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