non ethanol gas?

Discussion in 'Alternative Fuel Forum' started by cutman2000, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. rickpilgrim

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    Non ethonal premium available of most BP and Quick Trip and Shell and Citgo here
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  2. TrainingWheels

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    Yes, if for the sole reason that the stinkin' things start like a champ on EtOH-Free.....Totally worth stocking up on. I've forgotten how to clean a carb out since the switch and it doesn't look like one of my arms getting a better workout than the other:rolleyes:


  3. Trees Too

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    Find a gas station or outdoor equipment retailer that sells "'Recreation Fuel"' ( it's Ethanol Free)
  4. abuilder2

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    Anyone using 100ll av gas?
  5. bluetruck

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    i hope not, that is not good for engines not designed to run on it. it is dry, meaning you get no upper cylinder lube as you do with normal unleaded fuel. you will get less life from you engine.
  6. Mark Oomkes

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    We can thank GW for the disaster ethanol is. Not to mention increasing food prices massively.

    Another one of his brilliant moves. NOT
  7. rippinryno

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    Let's get this straight for all the misinformation I"m seeing.

    Ethanol when fresh (not old), does not cause any premature wear to any engine, period, that is false.

    The concern with ethanol is the storage, it has a shortened shelf life vs non e10 fuels. The best way to handle ethanol these days is to make sure that you run fuels without ethanol prior to storage. So, for example, you can run e10 2 stroke mix all year long, when it comes time for season to end, go ahead and get a bottle or two of the non ethanol premix. Run it in your machines for the last week or so, store it in your machines, and don't worry about a thing.

    Ethanol is only hard on fuel systems during storage, and again, it absolutely does not cause premature on an engine if it is good fuel.

    WHere on earth did you hear that? 100LL is a low lead, non ethanol, aviation fuel. It has lead, which is great for upper cylinder lubrication. I've been running it in race application motors for the better part of a decade and I've seen the benefits. Not to mention it's 100 octane and can allow for higher CR's without paying for race fuel.

    To answer the question about 100LL, it's all I run in my small engines since I've got easy access to it. I typically have 10 gallons around for my race engines so anytime i need new mix I go ahead and mix 1 gallon of the avgas. Not a single problem and it is of course ethanol free so it stores just fine.
  8. Mark Oomkes

    Mark Oomkes LawnSite Fanatic
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    Not true.

    It was causing cracking of primer bulbs on equipment we used every day.

    It also attracts moisture. Which will result in problems faster.
  9. rippinryno

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    cracked primer bulbs are a direct result of bad e10 fuel, not fresh fuel. Depending on the quality of the primer bulb, they go bad, period, even with unleaded fuel. I'd imagine your equipment had an inferior primer bulb that simply cannot be linked back to e10 if it was fresh. Maybe you mechanic told you otherwise....they're wrong.

    it takes 3 months for ethanol to obtain enough moisture to be even slightly problematic. So again, storage is key. Fresh fuel is key. IT also gets it moisture from the air, so if you're not storing it in sealed containers you're causing problems as well. Ethanol takes extra care no doubt.
  10. Mark Oomkes

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    We have a bulk tank on-site, go through it roughly once a month during the growing season--500 gallons. If it wasn't fresh, it wasn't because it was sitting in our tank.

    We purchase from the supplier who supplies BP's and numerous other gas stations in our area. As well as landscapers, excavators, etc. They aren't sitting on it either.

    Everyone was having problems that season. The next year they started carrying rec gas. Our issues with 2 cycle equipment dropped at least 95%. 4 cycle issues disappeared completely.

    All the bigger landscapers in my area (I am not one) that have on-site fuel have switched and problems have virtually been eliminated.

    Say what you will, but my experience tells me otherwise.

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