non ethanol gas?

Discussion in 'Alternative Fuel Forum' started by cutman2000, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. rippinryno

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    Yeah you're entitled to believe what you want I'm just telling you how it is if it's fresh there's nothing to worry about. when you say bulk tank you pretty much explain the issue there. it sure sounds like everybody in your area had bad gas if they all in fact did have issues with their primer bulbs that doesn't just happen unless you have bad gas good ethanow e10 will not do that it certainly would not do it in one season to every company around lol I call bs
  2. Lawn Spa

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    I use opti 2 for 2 strokes.
    Add sea foam to all regular gas
    Can't say I have any gas problems and everything starts easy in spring
  3. rippinryno

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    Is that stuff any good I see it at the shop but have never usedone it.
  4. Trees Too

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    "Ethanol Fuel Facts" from Toro
  5. Langford2000

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    I always run non ethanol as well as Marine grade stabil. Cheap insurance. 2 or 4 stroke. Doesn't matter
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    I hope this helps...Ethanol is 100% water soluble and it's alo hygroscopic: it absorbs water from the air. When we buy non-denatured EtOH (Think Everclear) it comes with a drying agent just to keep it from becoming dilute from the air....Each time you pressurize your system: water particles are aspirated into your combustion chamber....Esp for those of us in the humid MW and SE. It's just water running through the system. I've never tested silicone against EtOH but we run EtOH through silica beads all the time for chromatography w/o issue.



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