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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Luke Kindle, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Luke Kindle

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    At one of our local banks there is an old system installed 15 years ago. There is eight zones, but only six work. Zones 1 and 2 are not firing. I tested to make sure the zone wires were hot and they both are. The next problem is finding the valves. I put a wire tracer on it, but still no luck. Any suggestions??
  2. Ferti-man

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    Are you saying you could not locate valves, or located them but this did not help?
    Assuming you found valves, perform an ohms test of the solenoid, depends on brand as to what the reading should be. Minimum should be around 24 ohms. If less, replace solenoid. if over 70 ohms probably replace. You can do same from controller end if you disconnect one of the wires from the controller to remove the loop effect. If you could not find valves, get a better tracer or sub that out. Are you sure all eight need to operate? Could have had landscaping changes that no longer called for all eight. Run 6 good zones, are there obvious areas not being irrigated? Hope this gets you in the right direction. Oh, and check for power at the controller output to be sure it is not the problem.
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    is the diaphragm bad. solenoid could be good, but the valve just isnt popping up. we need more info.

    IRRIG8TION LawnSite Member
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    zone 1 & 2 wires are cut bet. the controller and the valve box. That is why you cant trace the wires to the valves...
  5. Ferti-man

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    Good thought. Follow wires as far as you can making a mental note of path up to that point. Gives you a likely path of the main line. From there you need to extrapolate possible paths to follow. They make a Fiberglas rod for poking at the ground to locate valve boxes covered with sod... Sounds different when it hits it. Locate other valve boxes to get a feel of how they located them. This also might give you clues as to where to look.
    Look at the zones not running to give a you another clue. All these combined should get you close to the location.
  6. AI Inc

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    How is the rest of the system built? Single valves or manifold? What areas are missing irrigation. And then the last approach, " If I designed the system where would I have put them " and then start poking.

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    I'm not sure I understand what you mean by both zone wires are hot? Are they good looking? Do they burn your fingers when touching them? Do you mean that it is showing a good circuit to a solenoid? Do you mean they are open which indicates they or the common at some point is cut? Are you using a 521 or a 501 to trace?

    Tell us what you've eliminated as your problem and how.
  8. Mike Leary

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    That concept works until you realize idiots designed & installed the system.:dizzy:
  9. AI Inc

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    Some I shake my head and ask" what was he thinking" and then it occurs to me, he wasn't.
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