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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by minx, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. minx

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    this winter was really bad for non payment and late payment, far worse than the previous year.
    we invoice at the begining of the month for our contract customers for payment at the end.. for one offs/pay per mow, we bill at the end of the month of service.. when would you cut off service. Winter is always worse, as they dont care if you dump them, (or want you to dump them), but what is your rule of thumb??
    how do you try and recoup your money?? sadly many of mine are flits, (why can they not just let you know theyre going, instead you continue to mow, not realising they are 3 weeks gone....) makes my blood boil..
  2. If you aren't getting paid by the end of the month, service should be cut off then. I wouldn't bill pay per mows at the end either. I would try and figure how many cuts they will get that month and bill them for that. If they don't like that, let them walk. They are usually PITA and cheap anyways. If you are having problems collecting in the winter you probably need to find better clients.
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  3. minx

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    Yes, we pruned our routes... Lol... Can do without them. :hammerhead:
  4. billslawn89

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    late fees usually stops them if under a signed agreement with me. Some of my new clients try and see how far they can go. First month I waive the fee on the invoice but next time, they get charged and that usually stops the late payments. Most of my clients are good but there are always a few, and those I usually get rid of. Happy Easter!
  5. jonniebud

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    i give30 days if the bill not paid i suspend service and start charging 2 percent late fee per month . sometime they dont pay so i dont work and tell the other landscapers about them. soon the bad customers whine cause no one will work for them and thats just to bad .:cool2:
  6. RigglePLC

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    How about a subtle hint when they first start that you know a lot of people in the industry--we meet for coffee--and the other guys often tell you about people that didn't pay. "None of the good companies will touch those accounts."

    Hint also that if a lawn is unmowed...most people...know, it is because the homeowner has not paid.
    One times--give them 2 weeks. No reason to keep mowing when not being paid.

    Its best to bill in the middle of the mowing month. And if they don't pay in 30 days...send a new bill every two weeks. And call every two weeks. Email also.
  7. Patriot Services

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    Start making all monthly invoices due by the 15th of the invoiced month. Better to lose 2 cuts than 4. We are now at the point of prepay. I will grace until the 5th, then they get a courtesy call and pushed off the route until payment is received. No discounts if they miss a cut due to their negligence either. This is all discussed up front and first month is due at time of first cut, prorated if mid month or already maintained. People will play the new/desperate guys this way.
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  8. Greg78

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    We basically do the same as Patriot. First month due at time of first cut. Haven't lost out on any customers due to this. Since we started doing this (2009) I've not had to chase down any money and haven't performed any "free cuts".
  9. minx

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    Sounds like a plan, 15 th it is and then get ruthless... Going to do it as we were way too soft and taken for a ride these last few months.. Big mistake, not going to be repeated. Hard lesson learned.. Thanks guys.
  10. Patriot Services

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    If you have a couple of chronic slow payers there is nothing wrong with sending them a little reminder when Its getting close. Especially if you pick up a check from them. A polite email or text can save you from chasing payment.
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