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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by scooterdayton, May 1, 2009.

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    Well, we have other companies that we own and operate. We are not making any money off this site.

    We know that this is a serious need in the business community and if we can break the barriers down in the business world and get people to start using our site, this will definitely be one of the most valuable internet resources to your business to help save your company money.

    However, if you would love to send us a donation... We are standing with open hands!! :waving:
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    Join the site tell everyone all your good clients are $h!tbags and then tell how great your PITA customers are. That way everyone else can share your pain and they will leave your good customers alone.

    Why would I want to tell other LCO's that Mr. Jones didn't pay on time? Why would I believe someone else that says the same? There are three sides to every story...... yours, theirs, and the truth. It sounds to me like on this site you only get one version of that story. I have customers that have come to me from other LCO's and they are the cream of the crop as far as customers go. I've had these other LCOs say to me "I saw you servicing John Doe's house, what a pain he is. Always complaining about the lawn, the bill, he b!t@hes about everything." Like I said these customers are some of the best ones I've got. You can't judge customers off of what previous contractors say about them.
  3. MowHouston

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    Every time you get finished with a customer, get in your truck, give them a call. Every day. :D
  4. HBLandscaping

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    I got not one but two for ya...
    First client has failed to pay $250 for work done 3 months ago. Bill was left at the house that day when work was completed, Mailed out 2 late payment notices, 1 failure to pay notice and numerous stops at the house to track down someone with no success. I’m now starting the next step to receive my money..

    Customer #2 two weeks ago called me up and said due to the economy they can't afford weekly lawn mowing and landscaping services. Three days later I drove by coming from another job to find someone had cut his grass with a commercial mower (owner has a riding tractor), then yesterday I passed by and the same people were there mowing again...Then I came by on my way home to get a picture (time/date stamped) of his fresh cut lawn and the same company was there applying mulch.... I still have the signed contract that is good from 3/15/09-11-15/09 signed by him for this work. He never received a letter from me or any confirmation from me saying that he is/has been released from his contract with us for this work. I'm waiting to hear from my lawyer tonight on how we should proceed with legal action on him violating this contract.
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    There was some work done for an asset management company that was dealing with bank owned properties (Foreclosures) and they haven’t paid after nearly 3 months. How would you suggest dealing with them as they are saying the banks are holding up the payment and they are just the middle man?
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    Hey Client Critic what happens if the client pays after we post at your site I see number 5 on your terms and conditions:
    5. Removal of Information
    By posting information on CC, you understand and agree that the material will not be removed even at your request. You shall remain solely responsible for the content of your postings on CC.
    While we do not and cannot review every message posted by users of the Service, and are not responsible for any content of these messages, we reserve the right, but are not obligated, to delete or remove profanity, obscenities, threats of physical violence or damage to property, and private financial information such as social security numbers and credit card information.

    I would sign up only if I can remove the customers name once paid.
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    After my first few years of using invoices, statements and reminders to try and get paid by clients who were withholding or delaying payments, I found most clients just ignored all my mail and it did nothing to speed up the payment process.

    I got fed up and tried another approach which was difficult for me because I'm not a confrontational person, but I did it my own way and it has worked every time followed by immediate payment.

    As already mentioned by others, I now follow good business practice and send out the proper invoice and reminder, after these are ignored for 2 weeks I then go and knock on the clients door, nicely say hello and very politely mention that I haven't received my payment. I don't ask why it's late or when are they going to pay me or anything like that, I just mention that I haven't received payment and then shut up, leaving them totally in the hot seat to explain themselves and promise payment. It works a treat!

    Never underestimate the shock people receive when you are suddenly on their front door step, followed by the embarrassment that they have someone at their home collecting a debt. And they know if they don't pay, you will be back. No need to be nasty, it probably works better when you are nice, kinda disturbing and unsettling in a way :laugh:

    Oh.. and if they ask you to leave, you gotta leave, but there's no reason you can't go back next week, and the week after etc, until they get a restraining order LOL :laugh:
  8. Midstate Lawncare

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    ... Not in Illionois. You must first be served with a letter of no trespass before you are ever trespassing on someones property... Unless the property is placarded with no trespassing signs every 20 ft residentially or 200 ft agriculturally.

    ... Refer to my answer above
    ... That is one way to never get paid!
    According to the fair credit reporting act of 1976, "If a "firm" discloses the ammount or standing of an overdue or any account, the account is then null and void and will not be collected upon because of breech of privacy."
    Don't believe me... look it up.:usflag:
  9. topsites

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    Exactly LOL!

    The one thing I did learn, no matter what happens you do NOT want to bad talk customers, no matter how dirty it went.
    They find out and it's downhill for the business, may not seem right but ask me how I know that :p

    I was just thinking of that, the other day as SOMEONE cut the grass of some ex-customer of mine who didn't always pay...
    It's some satisfaction for me, no offense to anyone, but to watch someone else deal with the SAME misery I had to deal with.
    And that ain't right and I didn't have this attitude until the later years, but neither is this assumption that any mowron can
    do this job and how it's all easy money etc etc, not to mention 100's of new outfits I see on the road every year.

    Kids coming on here bragging up the $100 an hour they supposedly just made, anyone think that crap is easy to swallow?
    Yeah come on around here, I gots some clients I would like you to meet heheheh
    So my take on it is how else are these newbs going to be properly introduced, how else are we going to school these folks?

    And then you never know, as you said the next Lco just MIGHT get along with those exact clients dandy.
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  10. scooterdayton

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    ha yea i agree, id love to watch that. any idiot that wants to try to come into our business and take work away from me, i have no sympathy for.
    However, all the millrats running around my area with a truck/car and mower on the back can have all them low balling crappy clients, for 20$ a yard.
    I suppose they dont bother me, i dont want them calling me anyways. Tell them the $min. and they hang up ha ha. Id rather not work, than work for a cheap client.

    What these millrats/union pricks dont know is they arent going to be getting there full bennifits anymore. say goodbye to that boat and motorcycle in the garage as well.
    They usually only try it for one season, then they call it quits.
    Welcome to self employed business owner. I love it, but its not always so pretty.

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