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    What do you guys do? I have taken people to the magistrate and won everytime. Unfortunately, they find in my favor for much less than I am owed plus it costs money and time to take the deadbeats. I have done other not so nice things. I have gotten temperory satisfaction but never my money. I have a lot of people owing me 30, 60, 325 on and on and on. It seems to be bad this year. I do a good job I want my Money. Any ideas?
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    Try to change your business practices, seems like you have a really bad problem with non paying customers. Ask for up front payments in full or deposits, give discounts for up front payment. Change monthly billing to bill by the 15th due by the last day of the month.

    i have never been stiffed but i have had to hound customers to get paid, send bills over and over as well as called untill i get paid.

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    98% or more are excellent payers. I have had in my 20 years in the biz people pass away I would never expect that. Its more about when you are stuck how do you get your money. I am looking to eliminating or close to it because non payment adds up. Thanks for the response any others?
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    why are you getting awarded less at court... if you win you should get awarded your bill, late fees, legal fees and court costs and any collection fees.

    Another option when you've won is to place a lien on their home. this means that they cannot sell, or refi or other wise change title to their home with out satisfying the lien. a lien will accrue interest and penalties.

    Yet another option would be OLD never used them but have heard good things...
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    Great advice.

    the simple truth is. you can lead a horse to water, But you cant make him drink it.
    When we do residental, if there is any doubt we ask then look it up on the appraisial distric... do you own this house?
    if they rent, Bye.
    so what if you sue and win, it cost you too much. they WONT pay.
    like stated above. try your best NOT to get into this situwation in the 1st place. any if and when you have to bite the bullet, write it off as an uncollectable debt.

    best of luck
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    I expect payment at time of service. I have a couple of customers that mail me there check on Friday and one company that takes a couple of weeks for the invoice to go through there AP system.The rule is if I don't receive it by the time I go back to mow again I call them. If I question if I am getting my money I never go back.
    Be careful trying to collect or they will have you arrested for harassment.I try calling a couple of times, mail a invoice then send one certified mail. If that doesn't work,take them off your list,Write it off as a bad debt and move on.
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    I have mowed for a few renters. Some care about there yard and some don't.Regardless I do a great job mowing or trimming hedges,collect my money and move on.
    I only take checks form my regular customers.First or one timers are cash only.

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