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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by jbss86, Jul 12, 2014.

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    Just wondering what everyone does to avoid issue of not getting paid? I switched to pay ahead monthly billing. So I count the cuts for July and by July 5th I hope to have em all at our po box. I had thought that would stop people from paying when they feel like it:rolleyes: It did not....I still get stragglers paying whenever they want. If I don't cut them it gets long then when they do pay they do not want to pay for me having to mow it 2xs because they decided to b cheap
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    Credit cards..
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    Somebody sent me this video the other day. I'm just gonna give it a shot from here on out, and require autopay for all my new customers. My current customers that are slow to pay, i'll just have to deal with that.. but i've gradually been converting the slow payers to autopay. Its been a real problem this year.. I don't feel like theres somebody thats not gonna pay me, but the cash flow could be alot better. One thing i tried was I had raised my prices by about 15% for all new customers and offered 10% off if they signed up for autopay. Most went for it, but I'm tired of checks period.. so think i'm just gonna require cards for all new customers. Every week we chase money, its getting old. My wife has been a big help with it lately.

    Is there anyone else out there who has went to autopay only?? i know my close rate will go way down this fall and spring. However, looking back.. I have lost alot of customers due to payment issues this year. I think this is a good way to weed out the ones that can hardly afford it.

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    I sent a letter to all my customers this spring before the season started.

    First thing I did this year as far as the cutting goes is I got everyone understanding how important a scheduled route is. Especially the every other week accounts.

    Second thing I did was explain how important it is for them to pay on time. Sometimes you just have to talk to them (in person if possible) and explain to them that by paying on time, everything is a lot more efficient.

    Sending the letter was the best thing I could have done, things were getting out of hand with payments/routes screwed up/people basically wanting me on call etc!!!

    After talking to them, they all pay on time for the most part, i get Invoices out on time and a set due date. If they pay as soon as they get their invoice I give them a discount.

    A way to collect Credit Card payments is a must now days, and the convenience is priceless !!!

    I still have some work to do on some customers but its looking better every day. I'm going to push for CC payments really good for this coming winter season and for next summer season as well.

    As far as the customers that are late paying and as a result you don't cut their lawn, I would charge more for cutting it when its longer and explain to them that if they pay on time the route stays on time!!! Some customers are going to do it their own way just because, and sometimes you can't fix that. All you can do is give them a few late fee's here and there and see how it goes...If you have to cut their lawn and its longer I would Not cut it at the regular price...charge them!!!
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    It is about having a policy and telling the new customer upfront as soon as they agree to hire you.

    I tell them that they have to pay from ten days on the date on the invoice to prevent cash flow problems. It works.

    The few new customers that miss the due date get sent the next day a copy of the invoice with the hand written message with the letters double their height, Invoice Is Past Due and that days date.

    It shows them you mean what you say and gets them in line.

    I do have good customers that always pay prompt. Though once in a while they may be a week or two late. Based on their past history I will let it slide by and send not late notice. Usually they pay prompt the next month.

    I did this in response to one of my earliest customers that always pays at the end of the month or first week of the next month.
  6. Ditta&Sons

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    I cant stand it, I get paid cash or cheque, nobody wants to do the credit card payment (paranoia?) Most of the time nobody is home when I cut and invoices go out first week for last months cuts and sometimes its a waiting game. if someone decides to take 3 weeks to pay from an invoice, theyre actually paying for a cut I did almost 2 months ago. I dont mind invoicing at the end of the month, i mind waiting 8 weeks to get paid. Ill try something different next year i guess.
  7. PicturePerfectLawns

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    That's where GetJobber comes in handy. Bill them, they pay by card, program vaults the card and you let them know they will be charged automatically from then on.
  8. inzane

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    Thats how service autopilot is. Makes it really easy to just click a button and get paid and it posts to their account right away automatically. I still have half of my customers that pay by check. So for those its more work to enter in the checks, then either take them to the bank or deposit on my mobile phone which is what i usually do. I just don't like checks. I notice that with the people who pay with checks through their online banking it sometimes takes 2 weeks from the time they send.. So if they wait a month to pay, i might not be seing that money for 6 weeks after i did the work.

  9. georgialawn88

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    inzane, Who ever sent you that video is a GENIUS!!!!! you have good friends!
  10. TX Easymoney

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    Intuit billing invoices, track who has viewed invoices and when...payment reminders can be payments into QuickBooks....
    Many of popular scheduling programs sync. With also stores numbers and can automatically charge a card on a regular basis.
    The interface in billing solutions allows you to go down a list of unpaid invoices and check a box and send a bulk email for collection...or you can automate the notices
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