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    Hey guys, just a few questions.

    I have a customer with a crushed rock driveway that has some broadleaf and grassy weeds growing up in certain areas. I have yet to go see him for a formal quote yet, but am going to offer two options. The first would be just a one-time kill with Round-Up Quik Pro, with which I have great results. The second would be Quik-Pro mixed with some type of sterilant to keep them from coming back.


    1. Is a mixture like this possible?
    2. What do you guys recommend for a sterilant? (There is no desirable vegetation nearby, just some nuisance brush.)
    3. How long should I expect "sterilization" out of whatever sterilant you recommend?
    4. What type of nozzle is best for this? Would it be a "spray until ground is wet application"?

    Any input appreciated! Thanks!
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    Will a soil sterilant stay in the location on rocky driveways or will it just leach away into the water table over time??? some of the soil sterilants claim to be intact for 10 years or so... why not a couple times a year with pre-m???
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    There's a product that is called Sahara (bear ground vegitation control) it tightly bonds to soil partial's, little to no leaching, last 3 to 6 months. Can spray over rock, shouldn't stain and will wash in and bond to the soil. It's a soil sterileizer. Works good but not as good on clay. Also post kills like glyphosphate, just takes longer .you should stay out of driplines for it can kill arbor.
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