Non stick coating for under mower deck

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by keepoffthegrass, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. keepoffthegrass

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    I hear there are some products out for coating the underside of a mower deck to reduce / eliminate sticking and clumping of wet grass.

    Does anyone have a recommendation for which product to use and best method of application?

  2. Valk

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    NOTHING will eliminate sticking...just like there's no water proof 'boot' for scuba diving.

    Take your pick: Fluid Film, cooking oil, PAM, the list goes on. They all wear off/out in time. Yes, they might make some scraping a bit easier, but not for long. The underside of a mower deck in an ONGOING tornado of wet/dry. So finding some magic formula to apply is the pot-of-gold, the fountain of youth. Let us know if anything works for an extended period of time. All these need reapplying...and you still need to scrape eventually.
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  3. Oli

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    At different times I used graphite coatings-Slip Plate and EZ Slide. Bottom line, they just don't hold up. The graphite coatings are too soft, and cannot with stand the blade generated air turbulence along with the grass and dirt. I scrape the the deck as needed.
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  4. Trees Too

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    I bought a couple of spray cans of "Clean Machine" Its a non-stick mower surface protectent with TEFLON. The label says to use 2 coats. And to reapply periodically throughout the season. We shall see.:rolleyes: As time will tell. :confused:
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  5. OakNut

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    Two seasons ago I applied Fluid Film to one side of the deck and Mo-Deck to the other in order to compare them "side by side". (21" mower and 36" walk behind)

    Neither one was much help, but I think Mo-Deck worked better to prevent "sticking".

    I had used Mo-Deck on the 21" before and it works to some extent. At the end of each day I typically tip my mower and blast the underside with the hose to rinse it off. The Mo-Deck helps, but not enough to justify the repeated application needed (pretty much daily) with commercial use. Maybe it would work for a homeowner.

    Fluid Film lasts a lot longer, but it had a HUGE negative in that it actually KEPT stuff on the deck that would not hose off. It seems "waxy" and the grass particles stick to it. The grass doesn't "clump" on it, but it certainly didn't repel the grass. I tried scraping and that became a chore because the deck was now "sticky". It may be a great product for the other uses it has, but I was not happy with it at ALL on my deck surface and could not wait for it to wear off. Bare steel is much easier to scrape clean.

    Last year, I didn't bother applying anything to the 36" - it was pointless.
    I still spray Mo-Deck on the 21" on occasion - mostly when I know I'm going to be mowing wet grass to make it easier to wipe clean in the field as the wet grass starts building up.
  6. Valk

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    In order to need a clean deck = scraping. I don't see the point in wasting my time or money cuz ya gotta scrape anyway.
  7. show-n-go

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    What about the product called plow slick? I saw them advertising on Plowsite, there was a thread about it and it seemed to work good to keep snow from sticking.. Though cut grass is alot different than snow.
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  8. jrsavoie

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    Has anybody tried plow-slick?

    Just curious how it worked out.

    I've used everything from used diesel engine oil to slick plate and galvacoat. My best has been to replace as much of the deck as possible with stainless steel
  9. 13Razorbackfan

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    What mower and size deck?
  10. jrsavoie

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    Toro Groundsmasters 72" decks, John Deere 400 60" deck and various other decks and machines

    Stainless is not near as expensive or hard to work with as many think

    I am still curious about Plow-slick. I have had decent luck with Slick plate, but as previously stated, it doesn't last.

    I was set up to power wash the decks immediately after mowing and plan to get set up for that again.

    I had a tilt trailer with a cable so I didn't drive off the end. I had jack stands on the end of the trailer so I could drive right to the end. Sorry I sold that trailer. Now I have to make another something to do the same thing or sell the trailer I have and make or buy another.

    I would like to find a grain dump trailer that is a deck over with 2 axles a duals all around.
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