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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Colonel Forbin, Sep 25, 2012.

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    I just purchased a home with a 1.35 acre yard. The previous homeowners didn't take care of the yard so it's got tons of weeds, broad leaf, dandelions, crabgrass you name it, half the front yard is somewhat thin and half of it is pretty nice and is thick and green the back yard is extremely weedy.

    My friend came over and laid down some lesco 30-0-8, he said my lawn should green up and thicken up some prior to winter. My other friend said I should spray a liquid down prior to winter to kill some of the weeds do you guys agree with this? Also, the guy that put down the fertilizer said to wait till spring to do core aeration and over seeding I read to do this now? Your guys thoughts?

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    JMO, just say no to spring renovations. I would tell you that your friend just spreading fert probably won't hurt anything but you really don't know what is needed. The broadleaf, crab will be dead/ dying right about now. The Three things I would do:
    1. Soil Test- inexpensive way to budget and plan your fertility for the next couple of years.
    2. Renovation- For now, aerate/ seed /starter fert/ (don't know when your buddy put down his lesco product). Maybe wait till next fall.
    3. Keep the grass long- mowing height always plays a factor in turning a weed infested lawn into a nice one. I like to keep scraggily lawns like yours on the heigher side for a year or two until I feel the fertility and the stand is where I want it to be. Also, helps crowding out weeds/ use less hebicide.
    As I said, these are just things I do when taking over bad properties. No one has the money to bring in tri axles of nice compst/ topsoil so your focus should be correcting any soil problems immediatly. good luck
  3. Colonel Forbin

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    He put it down on sunday, the back yard is fairly thick but thick with grass and weeds. I got the keys June 8th and since then have been mowing at 3.5 inches with a Exmark Lazer Z I purchased used. The front yard is decent but could use some seeding in the lower half, the top half is thick and green and looks great. I'll try and get some pics in the next day or two.

    The frustrating part is 4 of my friends are landscapers but it's miller time and half baked advice when they come over nobody wants to take charge and tell me EXACTLY what to do, therefore I'm here and I'm going to do it myself just need to learn some stuff first.

    By the way I live in northern part of Ohio
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    I would aerate now and put down the seed. Let the soil breathe now before the winter. This is the best time of the year to do this. Would also cut the lawn a lil shorter before doing this, better chance of the seed hitting the ground. As for your friends sounds like they know you have a project and are to busy to help or are looking to get paid. Enjoy the project, it will look good with time and care, might also add 15 to 20 % to your home value.
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