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Noob Q's on gly. apps.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by vencops, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. gebby

    gebby LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 712

    I know this was not your question but, when using straight Gly, it has been my experience, that in several weeks, more or less you again will have new items sprout up. Some where you have already treated and some in a new area(s). I explain that to my customers up front. I just spot spray a few times a season to keep those area's under control. That way neither you or the customer is in a position to get upset. They get what they want and you are not making trips back and forth re- spaying for nothing. Just trying to save you some frustration. In my opinion total kill for the season is un-realistic just using Gly. Those with more experience may offer better advise.
  2. vencops

    vencops LawnSite Bronze Member
    from NC
    Messages: 1,537


    I agree with you 100%. I did tell this customer that they could expect the first app......and another in 3-4 weeks. I also told them that they could expect another app. this season.

    I DO expect that last app. to get them through this season, though (3 apps, total).

    Not sure if I mentioned it or not. But, this is an old industrial plant site that has several buildings that have over-growth along the walls (weeds)....and, it has some areas of grass that we all decided would be cheaper to do the gly. apps (vs. maint. mowing).

    I hope I haven't misled them. My experience with gly, apps. is on my property and my food plots (I'm a bowhunter).

    Thanks for your response.

    **Edit/add.....I talked to my chem. source, today. I asked him about the ammonium sulfate as an additive. He told me the reason people do that is that the AS "fools" the plant by promoting growth (prompting it to uptake the gly. more vigorously). I wish I was versed enough to know the proper terminology. I'm not. I hope I'm explaining this, correctly.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2011
  3. vencops

    vencops LawnSite Bronze Member
    from NC
    Messages: 1,537

    White Gardens:

    I apologize for not responding to this. I overlooked it.

    Funny....my supplier suggested the pre-emerg. today, also. Thanks. If it works out, financially (I already gave them a price for the gly.), I'll work it in. If it saves me an app....it'll make sense to BOTH of us.

    I AM getting paid by the app.. BUT, these guys are friends AND they're good customers. I wanna do right by them.

    Thanks, again.
  4. White Gardens

    White Gardens LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 6,776

    Pre-Ems can get a little pricey, so ultimately you might have to do less gly applications, and still be charging the same in the end. But, if everyone wins, it might be worth it.

    Also, I'm thinking probably 4-6 apps a year depending on the site you mentioned. Possibly more.
  5. vencops

    vencops LawnSite Bronze Member
    from NC
    Messages: 1,537

    Well.....I'm only thinking of THIS season, currently (from now on). If I do an app., now (soon).....and a follow-up in 3-4wks.......I'm "hoping" to only do one more, later in the season.

    Will we get a clean, total burn-off? I couldn't say. I also don't think that's entirely necessary. For the final app., maybe we do the additive.

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