Normally Nice and GREEN in spring.

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    A gallon per 1000, none of those zsprayer are set to do that are they? So my walker sprayer at 25 gallon per acre with 3 nozzle boom won't do it? You are right Trugreen uses wand.
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    Not really, unless they are fitted with a high output pump and higher volume nozzles. To drop 1 gallon per 1000 at a travel speed of 5 MPH, I need 11008 nozzles. 3 11008 nozzles at 40 PSI is 2.4 GPM and extra for jet agitation back into the tank. If your set up can do that, excellent. If not, I would go pump shopping. It just frustrates me to no end when these expensive pre made sprayers cannot do the job stock. Only the golf green sprayers come set up to apply 1 gallon per 1000.

    The Chemlawn nozzle works acceptably if applying a dicamba based broadleaf herbicide on easy to kill weeds. The coarse droplets soak into the soil and deliver the dicamba to the weed roots. For Celsius to work, enough of it must evenly coat the foliage and then be absorbed through it. That is the reason for the fan nozzles on a boom, the 1 gallon per 1000 gallonage, and the MSO surfactant.
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    They don't come from the factory that way but changing the tips you can apply at 1 gal per 1000. If you are on the max you might want to switch to the 5 gpm pump. I use it at 1 gal on a lot of post emergent products.

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