normally open sprinkler valve?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by JuddGA, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. JuddGA

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    I know this sounds weird, but its not for a sprinkler system. I need a valve that will open when power is removed and allow water to flow, versus a normal sprinkler valve that closes when power is removed.

    Any idea on where to get one?
  2. mitchgo

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    What is it for?
    How come it can't just be when you don't need the valve.. Don't use it.. And when you do.. Just use it.

    How long would the valve be open?
  3. hoskm01

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    Its called a normally open master valve. Not all controllers can operate a normally open valve, where as a normally closed valve will operate on just about any controller. There are lots of manufacturers out there who make these. Supply house will have them

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    I bet this is so you can shut your house water off when no one is around or when you are gone. I had a customer wanting me to design a valve set up that he could flip his house water on and off with a switch. He had a leak while gone that cost 150,000 in home repairs and became totally paranoid after that about water. Was shutting his meter off whenever he left the house. I investigated and decided that if I were to put a valve in I'd use the brass WM with the high end round solenoid. They tell me it can be left energized for extended periods without overheating. Another route I'd go though that would be even better I think is to use a latching solenoid. All you are doing is reversing polarity.
  5. kozmo

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    Here in NJ we have used those valves were lawn sprinklers are supplied by supplies used for fire suppressing.When the fire system activates all water is shut down to the lawn sprinklers and building supply.
  6. Wet_Boots

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    Of course the OP needs to spell out his application, since some guys go looking for valves to drain fish tanks and such, and diaphragm valves won't do the job.
  7. Mike Leary

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    Superior makes one in brass and Rain Master makes a clock that handles a normally open valve. Both pricey.
  8. Sprinkus

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    Bermad makes a normally open valve.
  9. Sprinkus

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    Bermad 200 series valves. (Pdf file takes a while to load)
    They come in 3/4" through 2" and can be configured for normally open applications.
  10. Kiril

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    Spears makes an actuated ball valve, NO and NC .... not cheap either.
    Apollo and Asco also offer the same in brass and SS, also not cheap.

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