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    I'm planning on going with Specticle this year for pre-m on my lawns. Anyone used this product before. I hear good things about it but only from the ones selling it. I'm going to start pre-m on lawns Sept 1st and try to finish by Sept 20th. I am trying to control poa with one application. Does anyone mix a wc like 3 way in their tanks with specticle? Thanks
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    I suppose you could mix in whatever herbicide you like. It doesn't look like there's many compatability restrictions on the label.

    But, the product does run in the soil, which concerns me about runoff issues, chemical trespass, and potential damage. Imprelis did the same thing -- it ran with the water and ended up killing trees. I also wouldn't want to have this stuff damage a neighbor's fescue, then not be able to seed or sod for a whole year.

    Another concern I would have in the ATL area would be the tall fescue buffer. Depending on your customers and routes, you may not have these problems, but I've seen a lot of tall fescue areas right next to bermudagrass in the ATL area. The Specticle label says that you can not apply it within 15 feet of any cool season grass. I would hate to have to treat most of a lawn with Specticle, then treat the areas 15 feet away from the neighbor's fescue with something else.

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    Appreciate the insight Skipster. I have never dealt with runoff issues before so good to hear about that. We have only 2 fescue lawns that we treat, fescue never looks good in ATL unless it's got a very tedious homeowner or it's sod so we aim for bermuda/Zoysia lawns. I hate treating a lawn that doesn't look the best around let alone looks like junk. How much of a worry is it that trees and shrubs get injured from the runoff of pre-m? That is realistically my only concern with using the product since fescue is rarely in sight.
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    Specticle has severe root pruning issues with it. For the price it does not do well with several broadleaf weeds in this area. Two of my biggest competitors used it last year and the results were mixed, they are not using it again.

    We are not using this product when the old school formulations still work. Prodiamine is the product of choice starting first week of September.
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