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New Hampshire
I am a relatively newcomer to Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance in NH. I have been approached by brother and sister in law to relocate to NC to join them in starting a company in NC. I'd like to here from other NC'ers on the Market, future growth of this industry in this area and any other words of advice from you.<p>Please include the good and the bad.<p>Your comments are appreciated and invaluable.


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I agree with Stone Cold. Never ever go into business with ma, pa, sis, bro, cousin, etc. etc. But if you are talking about the Greensboro area I would get in now! That has to be the best area to start a business in right now! Just remember in Greensboro Image sells, not quality of work.


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Charlotte, NC
I have to agree with Barkley and Stone. Not with family. But if you are dead set on it NC is not bad. I started here in NC a couple of years ago and I gain more business every day it seems. Almost so much I can't keep up with it.<p>Good Luck. <p><p>----------<br>Jeff<br>

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