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There is a House Bill 947 Landscape/Irrigation Contractors in Raleigh, North Carolina that's being sponsored by Representative Gibson( phone # 919-715-3007) and McHenry which if passed will prohibit anyone but a select few( licensed landscape contractors and irrigation contractors) from" engaging in the business requiring the art,experience,ability,knowledge,science and skill to install,plant,repair,and maintain gardens,lawns,shrubs,vines,trees, or other decorative vegetation including the grading and preparation of plots and areas of land for decorative treatment and arrangement."
If this was to become law many lco's in North Carolina would be put out of business.If passed it could levy fines up to $2000.00 per violation. Present lco's would not be grandfathered in.
The licensing board would be made up of :
A landscape contractor, an irrigation contractor, a practicing nurseryman, a landscape architect among others.

Please read this bill; there is much more important information that I couldn't list. You can view this House Bill 947 on the North Carolina General Assembly web page. It can be found by going to call, e-mail, send letters to your Representatives and voice your opinion.This is the second time in 4 years that they have been trying to get this passed, if it passes one day we will not be able to do the work we love to do .
If you need to contact me for any information that I have call me Gary Saxon at 910-799-3704. Gulfstream Landscaping and Maintenance Inc.


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Originally posted by longslawn
Anyone would be able to work on landscape jobs less than $7500 and irrgation jobs less than $1500 per year. I hope it passes.
You must be a licensed contractor or else you would not say that.If you have a client where upon you earn more than $7,500 per year you wouldn't be able to do it anymore,only a licensed landscape contractor would be allowed. What makes them any better then me?Schooling big deal.I have some mowing jobs were i make over $7500 a year , i would lose these just so some Landscape Contractor could get them give me a break. They are saying that for any job were i make more then $7500 per year i would lose it ,i would not even be able to lay mulch ,plant flowers,plant a shrub,over seed a lawn,prune a bush and the list goes on and on. Who are they kidding? This is a right to work state.It seems to me the Landscaping /Irrigation Contractors are lobbying people in our state capital.They seem to want to get rid of the competition though legislature.
This really stinks! LOOK AT THE ENTIRE BILL!!!!
I wonder which landscapers are paying these politicians off to get this passed. I for one will contact my representative and voice my opinion on the matter. The govt or anyone has no right to deny people to work.

Gary i may give call you sometime.



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Originally posted by NCSULandscaper
I wonder which landscapers are paying these politicians off to get this passed. I for one will contact my representative and voice my opinion on the matter. The govt or anyone has no right to deny people to work.
Thank you.


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Raleigh, NC
This is a bunch of BS... I knew there was some reason I didn't want to stay in NC forever. I can't even believe they would consider passing anything like this.


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I am a registered landscape contractor. I don't mean anything bad by my agreeing wiith the bill. I think that this a fair bill. The landscape industry needs some regulations.
You can't survey a property without being a registered surveyor. A right to work state does not mean you can perform any type of work you wish.
I didn't say I was better than anyone. Also, mowing,seeding and sodding is not included in this bill.

Erosion control.
(3) Arboriculture, including consultations
on pruning and removal of trees.
(4) Seed and sod installation.
(5) Landscape construction engaged in by
utilities contractors for the purpose of grading
and erosion control.
(6) Irrigation work relating to
agriculture or aquaculture as defined in Chapter
106 of the General Statutes.
(7) Irrigation work related to municipal
or industrial wastewater, excluding reuse water
(8) Irrigation work relating to municipal
(9) Lawn mowing, turf edging, debris
blowing, or debris removal services.
(10) Design, installation, and maintenance
of on-site wastewater disposal or reuse systems
within the on-site wastewater permit
(11) Landscape architectural services
provided by a person licensed under Chapter 89A of
the General Statutes.
(12) Plumbing work performed by a person
licensed under Article 2 of Chapter 87 of the
General Statutes.
(13) Landscape or irrigation or design work
performed in the scope of employment on property
owned or under the control of the employer.

J Hisch

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Evansville IN
What would stop you BB36 from becoming a licensed contractor?

This is where our industry needs to go. would you hire a plumber who wasnt licensed to install your plumbing? would you want any joe building your house? I am not looking to see anyone be put out of business but I am for industry standards that will help those who are truly professionals. I am sure you are a pro becasue your are up to date on your facts, I think if schooling is the only thing you lack I would petition for some other ways of obtaining validity. Also, this site is always talking about scrubs this would keep them away. that means no more lowballers. note: I want to go on record that i have no opinions of lowballers or scrubs. If i have to have applicators license what the difference for any other license? just my opinions not meant to offend. I lived in NC for 8 years Knotts Island.


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I too hope it passes. Other trades such as plumbers, electricians, etc. have to be licensed why not out trade? I think it will be good for our industry as a whole.

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