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    Kinston North Carolina in the house. Custom Cutts serving Eastern NC and the coast. Good to see fellow Carolinians in this forum, sometimes i feel outnumbered.
  2. Carolina Cutter

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    Fayetteville, ft. bragg,, cameron, sanford:dizzy:
  3. Carolina Cutter

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    Grassblaster, edger.........

    Howdy neighbor, now give me our customers......hehe

    Whats your base rate for this area? Mine's about 30
  4. edger

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    Don't stop for less then $50. Well I do have all the yards in my cul-de-sac and i only charge them $40. Due to me being home and can have them all done in less then 2hrs. 6 yards at the end of the day is nice. Easy $$

    What kind of equipment you running merlin?
  5. rcav8er

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    Hey Guy's - Powell Lawn Care here, Sounds like I may be the new kid on the block. We are working in the Gastonia and Lake Wylie area.

    By the way I'm looking for some reliable used equipment. Mainly looking for a 44" to 48" Hydro. W/B if anyone knows of a good one.
  6. NC_Irrigator

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    wilson here
  7. GrassBlaster

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    JasonD...I'll take anything you've got out at the preserve. Shoot me an email at

  8. Southpaw

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    I have a Wake Forest address, but am actually one mile into Granville Co. I'm new in the biz and have clients around here, Raleigh, Knightdale and the RTP. Hoping to expand next spring!

    Pearce Turf Management, Co.
  9. Qdriver

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    My demographics study shows Charlotte to be close to that of Jax. What is the market like there? Average job price, contract specifics, customer income base...... Thank You.
  10. wrm53

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    from NC
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    Goldsboro here. Wayne County.

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