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    Pay Range: $35,280 – $39,200 ($18-$20/hr) 3.5 weeks vacation with benefits.

    Manage a client portfolio of 90-150 lawns while following company policies and procedures. Also overseeing operations of other landscape and fertilizer crews (up to 500 weekly accounts). Primarily overseeing field to office communications. Extensive benefits package because this will be a demanding job. 40+ hours work per week split 70-30% between field and office. Normal working hours are 7am - 4pm. Most office work can be done from any location as all software and tools are available via the cloud. Will send a VERY detailed job description to serious applicants.

    More information available by emailing
    Please send a cover letter indicating your desire to change jobs and a resume outlining your experience. Degree in Horticulture not required but a plus.
    Will help with moving expenses for the right candidate.


    Benefits are available to employees after 45 days of continuous full time employment and include:

    Health Insurance

    50% of premium for employee paid covered. Any other dependents added to insurance plan will be covered 100% by the employee.

    Gym Membership – Fitness

    100% of the yearly membership price to the city gyms will be covered by Facilities include pool, weights, racquetball, volleyball, and basketball courts.

    Company will pay up to $100 a year in race entry fees (marathon, half marathon, triathlon, 5k, etc) for full time employees between the months of October and April.

    Retention Bonus

    Employees will be paid a $500 retention bonus per year of employment (1 year = $500, 2 years = $1000, 10 years = $5000. Maximum 10 years.). One half of the retention bonus will be paid at the beginning of the year and the other half six month later. If you are hired Feb 1st 2012 you will receive $250 on Feb 1, 2013 and $250 on Aug 1, 2013.

    Data Plan

    Crew leaders and any position at a higher level are expected to have a smart phone with a data plan. Full time crew leaders (working 4 or more days a week as a crew leader) will receive an additional $20/month to offset the cost of data plans.

    Tuition Assistance

    Company will pay a maximum of $1,000 in tuition assistance per semester (up to $3,000 total maximum) for any full time employee taking classes in any of the listed areas. For each amount up to $1,000 of assistance the employee will be expected to sign a 1 year employment agreement, any amount between $1,001 – $2,000 the individual is expected to sign an 18 month agreement, any amount between $2,001 – $3,000 the individual will be expected to sign a 2 year agreement. Payments will be made in two disbursements. The first payment will be made after the employee provides a receipt from the college bursar. The second payment will be made after completion of courses with a grade of B (3.0) or better or successful passing of certification exams.

    Tuition Assistance is available for the following areas of study:

    Landscape design/construction (including fertilizer, sprinkler)
    Information Systems (computer science)
    Continuing education courses that may benefit Working 4 College.
    Any other course deemed appropriate.
    Vacation Time

    From September to May employees can take up to 3 weeks of un paid vacation (maximum 2 weeks at a time). Employees may also receive an additional 16 hours of vacation between September to May when used to participate in community service or volunteer activities. There are no sick days.

    Smoothie King

    Full time employees will receive one $50 Smoothie King gift card each year.


    Crew Leaders and Superintendents will receive a 2% bonus on all sales achieved beyond weekly sales goals.

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