North East Guys Spring Clean-ups....

Discussion in 'Network: North' started by jpmako, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. jpmako

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    When are we kicking the season off?
    Have you noticed any differences in the General Publics mentality when you are doing estimates? What structural changes are you making to your business if any to offset rising daily operating costs and make your operation more profitable on a daily basis?
    Basically let's hear some basic philosophies on how you view the current situation with our industry and how do think it is going to effect your business, and what preparations you are making to overcome these problems.

  2. jeffex

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    started spring cleanups this week. More like a bed cleanup and leaf removal . still no grass to mow yet. A mild March has people itching to get their yards cleaned up I guess. I adjusted my prices up 7% for the ones I didn't last year. I have had no problems raising them yet but I haven't talked to all customers. new customers seem willing to pay higher prices. My area not effected by recession so far. My thought process at the end of last year was that many lawn guys quit because of the drought and this spring would be wide open for desperate homeowners. then all the talk of recession I wasn't sure. I have to admit I was a little leary about raising prices but the first few almost EXPECTED it. Now that I'm out and about and bidding on work it seems now is the time to strike on price increases. People are resolved to it due to the news media advertising gas prices as much as the weather. I just picked up a guy who was paying $30 for $40. He wanted to go $35 but I told him I only have one slot left on my route and someone will take it! I said what made you ask ME for a price. He said my lawns look great. I said whats $5 more bucks then!! SOLD!!
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    We've raised all of our maintenance prices as well. I am taking on 2 more very qualified foremen which are starting this week, to pick up some additional workload I believe we will have this season. We have sent up an aggressive marketing campaign for this season, and have a couple of large quotes still on the table. I am looking forward to a great year, despite the whole recession talks. Maybe lose a couple of middle class maintenance accounts, but we have been selling installs and are booked 2 months out so far. It's still rather chilly so I don't believe the spring rush has totally kicked in as of yet.

    Cleanups get under way today and we will be going strong through April, until we start maintenance. Good luck this year guys! :weightlifter:

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