Northeast best seed ct?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by WETSCAPE, Sep 13, 2009.


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    Hi all, I am trying to find out what others have had good results with for seed in the Northeast (CT to be exact). Thinking of something that has a KBG and Rye mix in it? Help!
    Thanks,,,,,,,, Lesco must have something?
  2. Smallaxe

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    Consider the slope, sun, soil, etc then figure out which combo works best. I like 40% KBG, 30% CR fescue, and 20% Per. Rye, with 10% AR. for cover crop. This is on reasonably good soils with adequate sun, but not an all day baking type sun.

    WETSCAPE LawnSite Member
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    Thanks Smallaxe! Great Point! Most of the area is in full sun. The PH has been tested at 6. The area in question is irragated The soil is good no clay nice rich topsoil.Thoughts PLEASE......
  4. LovelyLawnsNorwell

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    lesco carries the 'athletic park and field mix' - this stuff has worked wonders with overseeding, patching and a complete new lawn that i installed for my father this spring..... if the conditions are right give it a try! bomb-proof stuff!

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